“Moon Dong-ju can do better than Ryu Hyun-jin. He will win more than 13 games.”

LG Twins manager Yim Kyung-yup is starting to get wary of the Hanwha Eagles with the return of the “monster” Ryu Hyun-jin, but Yim has an interesting prediction. All eyes are on Ryu, but Yim says that while Ryu is Ryu, Moon Dong-ju, the “160-kilometer rookie of the year,” could be even scarier. In other words, Hanwha has the strongest homegrown one-two punch in the league.

Scottsdale, Arizona, where LG’s spring training camp is set up. Ryu put his stamp on an eight-year, $17 billion deal (with an opt-out). Even before the news broke, Ryu’s return to the LG camp was a hot topic of conversation.

The managers are the most sensitive. Season wins are at stake. If the rotation goes wrong and Ryu sees too much of him, the chances of losing wins increase. 안전놀이터 He may be older, but he’s still the best pitcher in the game. “I gave up the goal of winning the most games in a season. We have to go in thinking about -2 wins.”

“Anyway, Ryu can win more than 10 games. Ten wins are 10 wins, but it’s important that he has the strength to overcome difficult times. His depth has grown.”

“It’s not easy for a KBO team to have a healthy four-start system. However, with Ryu Hyun-jin’s arrival, Hanwha is now in the top two in the rankings. They are stronger than us.” LG also has two quality homegrown starters in Lim Chan-kyu and Choi Won-tae.

This begs the question.

Can Moon Dong-ju be considered a “constant” who can win 10 or more games? He’s a big pitching prospect who can throw a 160km fastball. He won the Rookie of the Year award last year and won a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. However, there were many games where he was shaky due to poor control. His record last season was 8-8.

Coach Yeom, who has a lot of knowledge about baseball and is bright about the future, including power analysis, spoke in a confident tone. “Moon Dong-ju has taken a step forward. He will rise this season. Don’t think about last year’s Moon Dong-ju. He will win at least 13 games this year.”

When asked who he thinks will perform better, Ryu Hyun-jin or Moon Dong-joo, he said, “Moon Dong-joo. First of all, his pitches are so strong, 카지노사이트 추천 and Moon is the third or fourth starter. If he fights against the other team’s top three pitchers, I think he has more than a 70 percent chance of winning.” It may be easier for Moon, who faces relatively easy opponents, to rack up wins than Ryu, who has to face ace-level pitchers.

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