On Sunday, Brion announced on its official Twitter account that it has terminated the contract of LCK CL player Dang Thanh Long. The player had been playing for Brion since the LCK CL Summer last year, but will be missed this Spring.

The player had been named to the LCK-CL’s spring unified roster. However, he decided that it would be difficult to play professionally in Korea and returned to Vietnam. “I gained a lot of experience while adjusting to life in Korea, and I never gave up on my goal of playing in the LCK,” Thi Long said.

Meanwhile, LCK teams have been thinking about utilizing overseas mercenaries. In 2021, Brion was recruited through a LoL audition in Vietnam. ‘Thi Long‘ showed the potential of using foreign mercenaries 한국야동 by rising to the second team after playing in the third team academy.

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