On Day 2 of Week 2 of the 2023 LPL Spring on the 17th, LNG with ‘Tarzan-Scout’ and IG with ‘Gideon-Dove‘ picked up a comfortable win.

In Game 1, TT, a team featuring Woo-hyun “Yukal” Son and Yong-ho “Hoya” Yoon, who finished last Summer with 7 wins, 9 losses and 12th place, faced LNG, who are considered a powerhouse. LNG has attracted the attention of many LPL fans with the arrival of former EDG star Lee ‘Scout’ Ye-chan. The biggest question is how he will play with Lee ‘Tarzan’ Seung-yong.

In Game 1, TT built up a good dragon stack early on. LNG snowballed, focusing more on taking the initiative, giving TT time to build on their dragon stack. The global gold wasn’t huge, and TT deserved it. However, LNG started to pull away after taking the baron with a great vision control and took the game in 37 minutes.

The second set was also tight until midway through. However, LNG, who were a little more relaxed and had more visibility, started to pressure their opponents with their operations in the mid to late game and took the baron, destroying TT’s nexus in 32 minutes this time.

The next two games pitted two of the LPL’s storied teams, RNG and IG, against each other. IG, with former KT player Kim “Gideon” Min-seong and returning mid laner Kim “Dove” Jae-yeon, were able to aggressively engage RNG early on and take the game to their advantage. Set two was even more dominant. 토토사이트 The gap was so wide that even the dragon souls were one-sidedly in IG’s favor, as they took down RNG in a whopping 24 minutes to secure a precious first win. IG is now 2-0 following a 2:0 win over AL in the opening round.

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