Chung Mong-gyu “I am Very Sorry About the Asian Cup Result”… The Future is Immediate Damage

Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association, apologized for the results of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup and promised to reorganize the national team.

However, he avoided giving a direct answer about his whereabouts. 파워볼

Chairman Chung held a press conference after an executive meeting at the Soccer Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 16th and said, “I am very sorry for disappointing many people by failing to meet expectations at the Asian Cup.

As the head of the organization that runs the national team, I am sorry.”

“I humbly accept the criticism and reprimands leveled at the association and offer my apology,” he said.

The day before, the National Team Strengthening Committee, an advisory body to the Football Association, recommended the association to replace coach Klinsmann.

Accordingly, the association held an executive meeting on this day, and after discussion, decided to dismiss Director Klinsmann.

Coach Klinsmann was notified of his dismissal by phone.

The national soccer team under Coach Klinsmann has recently been criticized by the public for failing to win the Asian Cup due to poor performance and internal strife.

Director Klinsmann, who had been criticized for his frequent outings and other attitudes throughout his tenure, eventually no longer gained trust and left in less than a year.

Chairman Chung emphasized that day, “It is time to reorganize the national team.”

He accepted his responsibility but avoided making specific comments about his future. In response to questions about his future and whether he will run for a fourth term next year, he only said, “At the 2018 General Assembly of the Football Association, the Articles of Incorporation were changed to limit the term of office to three consecutive terms, but the Korea Sports Council and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the time did not approve this provision.” I answered.

Coach Klinsmann said on social media at around 1pm, just before the association’s announcement, “I am sincerely grateful to all the players, coaches, and all Korean soccer fans.”

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