Shin Jin-seo, challenge to win the first Ing-ssi-bae in her life

3rd round of the final against China Shaker

The oldest and highest prize money world baduk tournament… Korea’s most 5 wins,

objective power is ahead of Shin Jin-seo, but the opponent’s record is 1 win

Shin Jin-seo

Shin Jin-seo (23), 9th Dan, the immovable No. 1 in the Korean Go ranking,

is challenging to win the Ingssi Cup for the first time in her life.

Shin Jin-seo will play against China’s Sheke (23), 9th Dan, in the 3rd final

of the 9th Ing Cup World Professional Baduk Championship

held in Shanghai, China, from the 21st to the 24th.

It is held once every four years and is called the ‘Go Olympics’. 바카라사이트

Winning Prize

With a winning prize of $400,000, it has the largest prize money

among the Go tournaments and the longest history.

At the time of its foundation, Korea,

which was a border country pushed by Japan and China,

stood tall as the world’s most powerful country through Ingssibae.

Cho Hoon-hyeon, Seo Bong-soo, Yoo Chang-hyeok, and Lee Chang-hyeok, 9th Dan,

won 4 consecutive victories from the 1st to the 4th.

However, Lee Se-dol and Park Jung-hwan, 9th dan,

who had the genealogy of the first players in Korean Baduk,

unfortunately failed to establish a relationship with Ing,

handed over the championship cup to China during the 7th and 8th tournaments.

◇ All-time Winners and Runners-up

│ Round│ Final year │ Championship │ Runner-up │ Result │

├──┼─ ────┼───────┼──────────┼───┤
│ 1 │1989 │Hunhyun Cho (Korea) │Weiwei Ping (China) │3-2 │

├── ┼─────┼──────┼──────────┼───┤
│ 2 │1993 │Bongsu Seo (Korea) │Hideo Otake (Japan) │3-2 │

│ 3 │1996 │Changhyuk Yoo (Korea) │Norimoto Yoda (Japan) │3 -1 │

│ 4 │2001 │Changho Lee (Korea) │Hao Chang (China) │3-1 │

│ 5 │2005 │Changhao (China) │Chulhan Choi ( Korea) │3-1 │

│ 6 │2009 │Cheolhan Choi (Korea) │ Changho Lee (Korea) │3-1 │

│ 7 │2013 │Pan Tingyu (China) │Junghwan Park (Korea) │3-1 │

├──┼─────┼───────┼──────────┼─ ──┤
│ 8 │2016 │Tang Weixing (China)│Park Jeong-hwan (Korea) │3-2 │
└──┴─────┴───────┴───────── ─┴───┘

World’s Strongest Player

Now, it is time for Shin Jin-seo, who is called the world’s strongest player, to regain Ing-ssi-bae.

Shin Jin-seo, who participated in the finals for the first time since joining Ing in 2012,

defeated Seerhao 9p in the round of 28, Pan Tingyu 9p in the round of 16,

Gu Zihao 9p in the quarterfinals, and Zhao Chenyu 9p in the semifinals in the semifinals.

They defeated the Chinese knights one after another,

including a complete defeat to 0, and advanced to the finals.


Sheker, the final opponent, defeated Ali Zabarin,

an amateur who represented Europe in the first round of the final round,

domestic knights Yang Dingxin and Ke Jie 9th dan in the round of 16 and quarterfinals,

then won a come-from-behind victory

over Ryo Ichiriki of Japan, 9th dan, in the semifinals. rose to

Due to the great spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), this tournament,

which was held online, ended in January 2021 in the semi-finals.

However, the organizer, the Eungchanggi Crisis Education Committee,

showed a position to proceed with a ‘face-to-face match’ for the final,

which was delayed by 2 years and 7 months.

Final Outlook

The outlook for the final is that Shin Jin-seo,

who has been ranked No. 1 in Korea for 44 consecutive months,

is clearly ahead of Shecker, who is ranked 21st in China.

It was Shin Jin-seo, who has already won 32 titles in domestic and international competitions,

has been unofficially ranked first since 2019

in ‘Go Ratings’, which compiles world Go rankings.

As for the opponent’s record, in 2017, Sheker won a match

against Li Min-bae in the World’s Newest Competition.

The results of the two, who are the same age,

had a confrontation when they were in their teens,

so it doesn’t mean much.

However, Shin Jin-seo’s sluggish performance

at the recent world championships may become a stumbling block.

Shin Jin-seo lost 1-2 to Gu Zi-hao in the finals of the Lanke Cup last June,

and was eliminated by Li Xuan-hao, 9th Dan,

in the round of 16 of the Dream Lily Cup earlier this month.

However, at a press conference held

at the Jincheon National Training Center on the 11th,

Shin Jin-seo showed strong confidence,

saying, “I don’t think my skills are going anywhere

just because I lost one or two matches in world competitions.”

Team Coach

Mok Jin-seok, the national team coach, said, “Shin Jin-seo

continued to study Shaker in the evening during the training at the athlete’s village.”

Ingssibae is played according to the ‘Jeonmanbeop (塡滿法)’,

a Go rule devised by the founder Ying Chang-chi.

The bonus is 8 points (7 and a half) and the time limit is 3 hours each.

Instead of counting down after 3 hours, 2 albums

are deducted for every 20 minutes of additional time.

If the 20-minute extra time is exceeded twice, a time loss is declared.

From the 1st to the 8th tournament,

the final match was held with 3 wins in 5 matches,

but this time it was reduced to 2 wins in 3 matches.

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