SEOUL (Yonhap) – Cha Min-soo (Yeongam-gun Folk Wrestling Team) became the sixth Hallajangsa in his career at the Jecheon Byeong jangsa Wrestling Competition. Cha Min-soo defeated Kim Seung-hyun (Jeju Special Self-Governing Province) 3-0 in the deciding match (5 bouts, 3 wins) of the Halla Jangsa (105 kg and under) at the Withers Pharma 2023 Folk Wrestling Jecheon Byeongjangsa Wrestling Competition held at the Jecheon Gymnasium in Chung cheongbuk-do on the 29th.In the quarterfinals, Cha pinned Park Min-gyo (Yongin Special City Hall) with a reversal and a rear-naked choke to reach the semifinals, where he used an sportstotozonecom arm bar and a takedown against Choi Jung-hoon (Taean-gun) to advance to the final, 2-0.Cha scored the first takedown of the match, followed by a takedown in the second and a takedown in the third to win the Halla class with a 3-0 victory.◇ Withers Pharma 2023 Folk Wrestling Jecheon Byeong jangsa Wrestling Competition Results Halla class (105㎏ and under)1st place, Halla Jangsa Cha Min-soo (Yeongam-gun Folk Wrestling Team)2nd place Kim Seung-hyun (Jeju Special Self-Governing Province)3rd place Choi Jeong-hoon (Taean County Office), Oh Chang-rok (MG Saemaeul Geumgo Wrestling Team)

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