The Major League Baseball (MLB) players’ union has released a statement expressing concerns about the pitch clock.

In a statement released on July 7, MLB Players Union Secretary General Tony Clark (51) pointed out that the recent spate of pitcher injuries may be affected by “pitch clock.

In the MLB, Cleveland ace Shane Bieber (28) had his season cut short the previous day, June 6, when he underwent Tommy John surgery to repair ligaments in his right elbow. Beaver, who has been Cleveland’s Opening Day starter for five straight years, including this season, won the American League (AL) Cy Young Award in 2020 after going 8-1 with a 1.63 ERA and 122 strikeouts in 77 1/3 innings in a 60-game shortened season.

The New York Yankees’ Jonathan Loaiche (28) is also on the list to undergo Tommy John surgery, according to the players’ union, while Atlanta pitcher Spencer Strider (25), who won a league-high 20 games last season, is also considering surgery for ligament damage in his right elbow.

Eight other pitchers in the top 10 in ERA since 2021 (40+ starts) are on the disabled list or rehabbing, including Shohei Ohtani (29) of the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to CBS and other local media outlets.

“Despite serious health and safety concerns, including unanimous opposition from the players on the MLB Competition Committee, MLB pushed through the pitch clock reduction last December,” Clarke said, calling it “an unprecedented threat to our most valuable asset, our players.”

MLB introduced the pitch clock last year to shorten the length of games. Prior to last season, pitchers were allowed 15 seconds with no runners on base and 20 seconds with runners in scoring position, but this season the limit was reduced to 18 seconds with runners on base.

The MLB Competition Committee, which consists of six members from the clubs, four from the players, and one from the umpires, reduced the pitch clock by two seconds with runners on base last December. All four players opposed the move.

The argument that the pitch clock could increase the risk of injury to pitchers was raised when it was introduced last year, but it was never officially recognized. Major League Baseball has maintained that there is no direct causal link between pitch clocks and pitcher injuries 바카라사이트 based on internal research. They argue that pitcher injuries are more closely related to increased velocity and rotation.

Tony Clarke, the general secretary of the players’ union, believes that the possibility that pitch clocks may increase the risk of injury for pitchers needs to be studied further. The players’ union argues that pitch clocks force pitchers to throw the ball more quickly, which reduces recovery time between pitches and puts more strain on the pitcher.

The KBO also introduced a pitch clock this season, requiring pitchers to throw the ball within 18 seconds when there are no runners on base and 23 seconds when there are runners on base. It was initially planned to be piloted in the first half of the season and introduced in the second half, but it was postponed to next year’s season due to backlash from the field due to lack of preparation. In the Futures League, the pitch clock rule was introduced and is currently in effect.

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