It was a ground punch that seemed to break the ground. Canadian wrestling champion Ben Tynan has won two straight fights and collected a 140 million won bonus.

At ONE Fight Night 21, held at Lumpini Stadium (capacity 5,000) in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 6, heavyweight Ben Tynan (30, Canada) continued his winning streak with a ground-and-pound TKO of Duke Didier (35, Australia) just 2 minutes, 36 seconds into the bout.

His debut bout against Kang Ji-won in November 2023 was more of a ‘practice match’. He used an aggressive stance in the first and second rounds and eventually forced Kang to submit in the third.

In a devastating performance that made it hard to believe she was even making her debut, Tynan forced Kang Ji-won to tap with a shoulder press at just 1:22 of the third round. Kang, who has a 100 percent win rate in mixed martial arts, was no match for the powerful wrestling.

This fight was no different. This time, the fight was decided at 2:36 of the first round, faster than her previous bout. The referee’s decision came after a ‘puck’ and a ‘boom’. A TKO is a voluntary decision by the referee to award the victory to the attacker when the referee can no longer continue the fight.

The official website of ONE Championship states, “More than a devastating row that destroys your opponent. He is building a near-perfect mixed martial arts record,” the official website praised. Since his debut, he has won two straight fights and hasn’t even lost a decision.

ONE Championship awarded Ben Tynan a performance bonus of $50,000 (approximately $67.67 million). It’s the second consecutive payday for Ben Tynan, who in November 2023 knocked out Ji-won Kang, 29, who boasts a 100 percent KO win rate in mixed martial arts.

Riding a 14-fight winning streak, including eight amateur bouts, Ben 사설토토 Tynan has earned $100,000 (K135.31 million) in bonuses alone, not including base fees, in five months.

While Duke Didier has had success in judo competitions in the Americas and Europe, as well as Oceania, including a bronze medal at the 2010 US Open (@Miami) in the unlimited weight class and a silver medal at the 2012 Welsh Open (@Cardiff) in the -100kg category, he has never been a match for Ben Tynan as a mixed martial arts fighter.

After defeating Duke Didier, Ben Tynan hoped to be named the challenger for the first defense of heavyweight champion Anatoly Malikhin (36, Russia). The ONE Championship website featured the comments, but refrained from assessing the likelihood of a title match.


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