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Golf Zone New Din Group, which implements the convergence value of new thoughts, attempts, and experiences based on information technology (IT), will focus on strengthening platform business services as a global golf platform company in 2024. Golfzon Newdin Group founded Golfzon, a screen golf venture company, in 2000 and is credited with leading the popularization of golf in Korea and contributing to the development of the golf industry. Currently, the company operates subsidiaries encompassing the golf industry, including Golfzon County and Golfzon GDR Academy, and plans to focus on strengthening platform services based on each company’s main business this year.

Golfzon, a global golf total platform company, is focusing on developing killer content that cannot be experienced anywhere else beyond the existing screen golf-based service based on the slogan ‘Play Different’. Golfzon’s ‘Golfzon App’ is the main platform of Golfzon New Din Group and encompasses golf-related services such as screen, field, shopping, practice, and media. In 2023, the number of integrated members of the Golf Zone app is approximately 4.9 million, an increase of more than 500,000 from the previous year, and the number of members is expected to exceed 5 million. The Golfzon app’s ‘G Album‘ service, which allows you to record golf memories by grouping and automatically uploading screen golf, practice range, and field-related photos saved on your phone based on location information, currently has more than 100,000 users and is a SNS form. ‘G Feed’ function, a golf communication channel, is also scheduled to be revamped. We will also focus on building infrastructure to enhance customer convenience by activating the Golfzon app’s integrated payment platform ‘Golfzon Pass’.

Last January, we launched ‘Golf One Game’, a game content that automatically links field and screen golf scores, and expects to increase the number of field users in the full golf season. In addition, in addition to strengthening the benefits of the paid membership ‘G Membership’, we also launched ‘Round Ticket’, a small payment service that allows general members to use unlimited items in each round. In this way, Golf Zone is being reborn as a global total golf platform through the establishment of a solid infrastructure and a variety of golf contents.

Golf Zone County’s smart golf reservation platform ‘Tiscanner’, a total golf course service company, is updating services and functions to meet the changing needs of golfers, including strengthening reservation convenience through a complete overhaul of the mobile app in 2023. Currently, Tiscanner provides a variety of reservation services through partnerships with approximately 340 golf courses nationwide, and with continuous service improvement, the number of members in 2023 has increased by approximately 30% compared to 2022.

Tiscanner’s strength is that it provides a variety of services focused on user convenience. In particular, the ‘Tea Time Matching Service’, which allows users to set the date and time of the golf course they want to visit and apply for matching, and then make a reservation immediately when it is available; the ‘Split Payment Service’, which allows users to split team green fees with their companions in advance; We offer a ‘free hole-in-one golf insurance’ service. In addition, to deliver vivid round reviews, the golf course review function was introduced with detailed evaluation criteria such as turf condition, green fee, progress satisfaction, caddy service satisfaction, and food and beverage service satisfaction.

Golfzon GDR Academy provides a simulator ‘GDR’ app platform to help you practice golf more effectively. The GDR app, which has 280,000 users, provides Nasmo (My Swing Motion) videos recorded during practice and various data that can objectively check a golfer’s skills. ‘AI Coach’, which incorporates artificial intelligence technology, supports efficient golf practice by providing feedback on swing diagnosis, analysis, and improvement, and is so popular that an average of 65,000 users use it per month. In September last year, the GDR subscription service ‘GDR Prime’ service, which provides unlimited use of GDR’s main contents, such as practice rounds and Nasmo saves, was launched on the GDR app SHOP. The GDR Prime service provides benefits beyond the subscription fee, such as providing coupons for use at GDR Academy stores every month, and has recorded a cumulative number of users of about 5,700 to date.

The online platform of Golfzon Commerce, the number one golf distributor in Korea, is golfing and Golfzon Market, and is currently expanding its platform business services centered on Golfzon Market. Golf is operated in the form of an open market where golf distributors enter and sell, and Golf Zone Market Mall provides a variety of services developed by Golf Zone Commerce, focusing on products purchased by the company. Golfzon Market Mall, which opened in October 2018, is growing at an average annual rate of 63% based on transaction amount from 2019 to 2023, and operates an O2O (store pickup) service that is not available in other golf shopping malls. Recently, we have expanded the club recommendation service where clubs can be recommended based on Golfzon screen golf data and launched the Golfzon Market Neighborhood (IUT) app to operate a platform where customers can directly register and sell used products. It’s in progress. Deok-Hyung Choi, CEO of Golf Zone New Din Holdings, said, “Golf Zone New Din Group is a global golf platform company and will lead the way by presenting a new vision for the golf industry based on golf IT and strengthening service and business competitiveness by utilizing platform data. “He said. 고스톱

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