Tottenham Hotspur’s transfer market plan could change.

Tottenham fan community “Spurs Web” quoted British journalist Dean Jones as saying, “Son Heung-min has changed Tottenham’s plans for the summer transfer market. Jones said Tottenham will prioritize recruiting side strikers over front-line strikers in the summer transfer market because Son has shown he can play in the No. 9 position.”

“He played well as a front-line striker in this season. He threatened the opponent team with his ability to play higher than defenders and penetrate back space,” 토토사이트 Spurs Web said, pointing to Son’s performance in this season.

In fact, Son played as a striker, not a winger, early in the season, and was in charge of Tottenham’s scoring position. Son displayed outstanding scoring ability in this position, scoring most of Tottenham’s points. He also showed good performance not only in scoring but also in connection with the team, showing that he can easily play the front line striker’s position.

look for a striker to replace Kane.

The reason why Son Heung-min was used as a striker was because of Harry Kane’s absence.

Kane, Tottenham’s leading striker, left for Bayern Munich before the start of this season. Tottenham, who suddenly lost their key player, found a striker to replace Kane in the team, not outside. That was Son Heung-min.

Having displayed good teamwork with Kane, Son has now perfectly replaced Kane. Son has filled Kane’s vacancy by leading Tottenham’s offense as a team along with new players like James Maddison or players like Dejan Kulusevski.

The result was successful. Tottenham immediately emerged as a contender for the title after recording 10 undefeated matches in the Premier League in the early days of this season. It turned sour after Madison and Mickey van der Pen were injured in November, but they showed potential early in the season when Kane was not present and the team’s head coach was replaced.

Decided to change the transfer market plan

From the winter, Hishalisson came to life. Hishalisson, who was considered a nuisance, overcame psychological difficulties and succeeded in his revival. Son Heung-min moved his position back to the side, but from Tottenham’s point of view, he had one more reliable resource to use as a striker.

Tottenham seems to have decided to change its previous transfer market plan. Tottenham initially tried to recruit a striker who could replace Kane in the summer transfer market, but Jones claims that they are trying to find a side striker, not a striker, because Son Heung-min and Hishalisson are present.

“Hishalisson has been in good form for the past few months and has been impressive. He has proven himself to be a reliable and threatening resource when he is healthy,” Spurs Web said. “Over the past few months, Tottenham have reportedly tried to recruit a striker. However, Jones said Tottenham is likely to prioritize recruiting top-quality flankers, and he is supporting coach Ange Postecoglou, who will use Son as No. 9 next season.”

Son Heungmin is very effective

According to the Spurs Web, Jones said on the Rank FC podcast, “This summer, Tottenham will be able to find more strikers on the side than No. 9 (striker). This is because Son has been very effective.”

“Tottenham could recruit young and promising strikers to support Son Heung-min and Hishalisson,” Spurs Webb said. “The club is also expected to spend most of its summer transfer window budget on top-notch No. 6 (defensive midfielder) and seasoned wingers.”

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