Paris Gates
Park Hyun-kyung (left) and Lee Ye-won.

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Chris F&C’s luxury young golf wear Paris Gates released a cute advertising video by hiring two star players who were very popular with golf fans last year as CF models.

In line with the opening of the KLPGA tournament this month, Paris Gates produced a delightful TV commercial with the concept of enjoying a party, with professionals Park Hyun-kyung and Lee Ye-won clinking champagne glasses and setting off firecrackers with the message ‘Join the PG’. With the two players, they showed off two commercial videos that put cuteness at the forefront as if they were competing on the field in bright colors and pop-art graphic costumes to announce spring.

A Paris Gates official said, “Two years ago, we created a hot topic in the golf industry by running an advertising campaign with 9 members of the unconventional idol model ‘Twice,’ but this year, we selected pros Park Hyun-kyung and Lee Ye-won, two of the golf industry’s biggest idols, and it will be an even bigger topic.” He expected, “Just watching the two players’ party video during each tournament broadcast will be a pleasant experience.”

To commemorate the TV CF on-air, Paris Gates prepared an Instagram event and a special signing event with Park Hyun-kyung and Lee Ye-won. On Instagram, from the 15th to the 24th, an event was held to give away clothing worn by the two players in the CF and hats with their autographs. On the 19th, Park Hyun-kyung’s professional autograph session was held at Hyundai Department Store Chungcheong Branch, and on the 22nd, Lee Ye-won’s professional autograph session was held at Hyundai Department Store Mokdong Branch.

In addition, in celebration of the 35th anniversary of its launch this year, Paris Gates will provide free gifts such as clothing and supplies with the player’s autograph if the two players win the KLPGA tournament, as well as a photo-taking event with fans and a fan signing event for the two players that also includes lessons. It will be held as a formal event.

The Join the PG video with professionals Park Hyun-kyung and Lee Ye-won and the products worn can also be viewed on the Paris Gates website, Instagram, and offline stores. 섯다

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