Won Jong-beom (27, Gangwon Provincial Office) failed to win a medal at his first Asian Games. Won finished sixth in the men’s 96kg weightlifting competition in Group A on Friday at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at the Xiaoshan Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, with a lift of 170kg, a snatch of 205kg and a total of 375kg.At the 2023 World Championships last month, Won finished second with a lift of 172 kilograms, a snatch of 212 kilograms and a total of 384 kilograms. However, Won’s scores dropped further at the Asian Games, and his ranking dropped significantly as other athletes improved. Won failed to lift 170 kilograms in the first and second rounds of the competition and was unable to increase the weight in the third round, lifting 170 kilograms. Won, who successfully lifted 205 kilograms in the first phase of the competition, increased the weight to 215 kilograms to make up for his lack of success, but missed the barbell in both the second and third phases.” I had to close the gap with the other competitors in the lifts to challenge for a medal, but I failed in the first and second periods of the lifts, which disrupted my game plan,” Won recalled after the competition .Won, who competed in the Asian Games just 21 days after the World Championships, said, “I need to take good care of my body so that I can compete well in two major international competitions in a short period of time, but after the World Championships, my body did not respond as well as I wanted.” Third-place finisher Sarat Sampradit (29-Thailand) finished with a total of 384 kilograms (176 lifted and 208 vaulted), nine kilograms higher than Won. North Korea’s Roh Kwang-ryol (22), competing in his first international competition, won the silver medal with a total of 386 kilograms, including 170 kilograms on vault and 216 kilograms on beam .Tian Tao (29-China) was the winner of the day. He lifted 180 kilograms in the vault, 210 kilograms in the beam and 390 kilograms in the total. Lo Kwang-ryul attempted 221 kilograms in the third repetition of the beam for the “come-from-behind win,” but dropped the barbell behind his shoulders. “I really wanted to win the gold medal, but it’s too bad I couldn’t show all my training,” said Ro Kwang Ryol at the medal ceremony 카지노사이트 .It was North Korea’s 11th medal of the Games (5 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze).

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