I’m trying to push myself to ‘yang’ as much as I can, because I can’t stand my body getting tired. “B-boy Kim Hong-yeol (Hong10) first touched the floor of the stage set up in the middle of the gymnasium at Gongshu Canal Sports Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, on Friday. On June 6, the venue will host the qualifying rounds for the breaking event at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. There will be no team competition and one gold medal each for men and women in the breaking event, which is a first for the Asian Games. “It feels so real to see the stage,” Kim Hong-yeol, a member of the South Korean breaking team, told Yonhap News Agency after a two-hour official training session .Kim danced almost nonstop .Athletes from around the world gathered at the training center. Dancers start with a warm-up and then perform a “power move” (a technique that uses centrifugal force to spin), the key to breaking, as competitors watch them move to the music blaring in the hall. Some of the competitors were chatting with their teammates and evaluating their skills, while others looked like they were preparing for their opponents with a stern look on their faces. Kim Hong-yeol was neither. He went to a corner where no one was watching and just kept dancing .He reviewed the moves he would perform on stage on June 6, including the top lock (standing on the stage and riding the rhythm of the music) and the down lock (moving with hands, feet, upper body, and lower body on the floor).They also continued to practice their freeze technique, which involves keeping their head down, legs outstretched, and body still as if time has stopped.” What they do while others are dancing varies from dancer to dancer,” says Kim. Some take a break, while others don’t move at all,” he said, adding, “I move a lot. “I’m the one who moves a lot,” he laughs, “and I can’t stand to get tired, so I’m trying to push myself with the amount (of dancing).”Kim says he used the cypher format to gauge the level of his opponents. He regretted that he didn’t see any players who were able to showcase themselves.” The strongest team in breaking is Japan. Kazakhstan also has strong players, but they didn’t all show up today, so it was less tense. I think it will be different tomorrow,” he said, adding, “We can catch anyone. “It wasn’t just the Korean cyphers who couldn’t wait for their turn to dance .Kim Heon-woo (Wing), who is relatively tall (180 centimeters) among the b-boys and whose cool moves are easily visible, rarely took his knees and elbows off the floor. About an hour and 40 minutes into the workout, he was exhausted and crouched in a corner to conserve his energy. “Before a competition, you have to increase your ‘physical performance,'” he said. “We’re not in the realm of ‘sports,’ so we still have a lot to learn when it comes to talking about exercise publicly,” he laughed. “In breaking and hip-hop, there is this cypher culture. They warm up in this way and in this atmosphere.” B-girls Jeon Jeonye (Freshbella) and Kwon Sunghee (Starry) were worried about the slippery floor. “This is the first time I’ve checked the stage, and it doesn’t seem to be in the best condition,” said Jeon Jeon-ye. There are some slippery areas, so I think we need to control them as much as possible,” while Kwon Sung Hee said, “I’m worried about the slippery floor.” Although they finished their training with cheerful faces, they felt a strange sense of competition in the cypher environment. Jeon Jeon-ye said, “There were players from all over the world, so there was a lot of pressure on each other. We tried to do 스포츠토토 what we practiced in the practice room,” said Jeon, adding, “We will do our best as much as we prepared.”

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