The Korean soft tennis team won a bronze medal in the mixed doubles event at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Kim Hyun-soo (Achievement County Office) and Moon Hye-kyung (NH Bank) came from behind to defeat Riku Uchida and Domomi Shimuta (Japan) 4-5 (4-1 4-6 3-5 5-3 5-3 4-1 1-4 1-4 4-7) in the mixed doubles semifinals on Friday at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China .Kim Hyun-soo and Moon Hye-kyung led 4-2 before dropping the next three games. They were unable to protect their 4-1 lead in the ninth game and conceded six consecutive points. Kim Byung-guk (Sunchang County Office) and Ji Da-young (Anseong City Hall) lost 2-5 (2-4 5-7 1-4 1-4 4-1 4-0 1-4) to Uematsu Toshiki and Takahashi Noah (Japan) in the quarterfinals and failed to advance to the semifinals .There were two North-South clashes on the soft tennis court on the day. In the group stage, Kim Byung-guk and Ji Da-young defeated Han Sung-ryong and Lee Jin-mi 5-2, and in the quarterfinals, Kim Hyun-soo and Moon Hye-kyung also 온라인카지노 defeated Han Sung-ryong and Lee Jin-mi 5-2.

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