An ‘old teammate’ goes head-to-head. What cards will Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop bring to the table?

On March 3, Doosan will play a scrimmage against the first team of the SoftBank Hawks of Japan. The game will be played at the Fukuoka PayPayDome, the home of SoftBank, as part of the Bears’ second spring training camp in Miyazaki, Japan. This will be the first time Doosan has played at the Pepsi Dome.

SoftBank has named Hiroki Kokubo as its new manager after the 2023 season. Lee and Kokubo played together for the Yomiuri Giants in 2006.

Both Lee and Kokubo were big hitters representing South Korea and Japan during their careers. Lee is the “Asian Giant,” having hit 467 home runs in the KBO and 159 arches in the NPB. Kokubo has also hit 413 career arches in Nippon Professional Baseball.

Doosan and SoftBank have had a long-standing relationship, with the two teams regularly playing each other during Miyazaki’s training camps. However, 안전놀이터 this practice game is a little different.

In addition to being played at the first-team stadium, the game will be played in front of paying spectators, creating an environment similar to that of an official game.

The teams representing Korea and Japan will go head-to-head.

It’s a good motivational match for the players. However, it is unlikely that all the regular members of Doosan’s first team will be available.

It’s March, and the players aren’t 100% healthy. This could lead to injuries, which would be devastating. Lee said that he will decide who will play against SoftBank based on their physical condition during the spring camp.

“The SoftBank game is important, but I think the younger players should go out,” Lee said. “If they are in optimal physical condition on March 3, I will send them out. If he’s not fit, I won’t send him.”

Doosan will depart for Sydney, Australia, on March 29 for its first spring training camp. The roster includes two rookies. Kim Taek-yeon, the second overall pick in the first round, and Jeon Da-min, a college-aged outfielder selected in the sixth round.

Lee said, “Kim Taek-yeon was not in good shape after signing, so he recovered. He managed well in the second team. I want to see him for myself. I won’t ask him to do too much, but I plan to spend time with him so that he can adapt to the professional environment.” “We will see if he has a strong mind to adapt to the first team right away in camp,” he explained.

As for Jeon Damin

“I’m curious about him. He’s a college graduate, but he’s very fast, so I want to see him.”

Lee also mentioned finding pitchers as a task for the camp. “I think it’s important for the starting pitching staff to be able to protect the rotation for a season, so I’m trying to check the status in that area. Also, in the second half of the season, the relief staff really pushes hard, 안전한 파워볼사이트 and the real battle comes later in the summer, when there are 20 to 30 games left, and we want to see who can hold up. Also, the pitching staff has struggled because the hitters haven’t helped, and I think the offense needs a boost. We’re going to have to raise our batting average, which hasn’t been great overall.”

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