The Doosan Bears held a workshop for the 2024 coaching staff at Bears Park in Icheon on Sunday.

Doosan said, “The event was attended by the entire coaching staff, including President Ko Young-seop, General Manager Kim Tae-ryong, and Head Coach Lee Seung-yup. The front data analysis, power analysis, and scouting departments also attended to review the past season and discuss the main focus of the new season.

President Ko Young-seop said, “The coaching staff and front office need to be proactive ahead of the big change. It will take a lot of preparation,” he said, emphasizing, “Let’s take responsibility for each part and do our best to fulfill our assigned roles.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, 카지노사이트 “We had an intense discussion based on various data. Based on what we lacked last year, we discussed what we need to have a good game and win,” said Lee Seung-yeop. “We will prepare well from the upcoming spring training to the season.”

On May 5, Doosan confirmed its coaching staff for the 2024 season.

The first team is led by Lee Seung-yeop and includes Park Heung-sik as head coach, Cho Ung-chun and Park Jung-bae as pitching coaches, Kim Han-soo and Lee Young-soo as hitting coaches, Cho Sung-hwan as defense coach, Goto Koji as third base coach, Jung Jin-ho as first base coach, Serizawa Yuji as battery coach, and Chun Jong-min, Cho Kwang-hee and Yoo Yong-soo as training coaches.

Coach Kim Han-soo, who led the team as head coach in the 2023 season, will focus on hitting.

The Futures (2nd team) will be led by Lee Jung-hoon, with Kwon Myeong-chul, Kim Sang-jin, Kim Ji-yong as pitching coaches, Lee Do-hyung as hitting coach, Kang Seok-cheon as fielding coach, Kim Dong-han as operations and baserunning coach, and Kim Jin-soo as battery coach.

Rehabilitation and residuals will be handled by coaches Cho In-sung, 카지노사이트 순위 Chae Full-yeom, and Cho Kyung-taek, and will be supported by coaches Lee Kwang-woo and Lee Deok-hyun.

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