Spanish soccer player Henipher Hermoso has been reinstated to the national team after being forcibly kissed by the head of her country’s football federation during the awards ceremony at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) on Monday named its squad for the 2023-2024 UEFA Women’s Nations League.It is the first time Hermoso has been named to the squad since the World Cup, after refusing to be called up or play for the national team following the forced kissing scandal.

Former Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales was widely criticized for kissing Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup ceremony in Australia-New Zealand after his country won the trophy.

Hermoso later admitted that she “didn’t feel good,” and when her labor union, FUTPRO, called for her to be punished for the incident, Rubiales maintained her innocence, saying they had “discussed it beforehand,” but public opinion only worsened and she eventually resigned.

A total of 81 Spanish women’s professional soccer players, including members of the World Cup-winning squad, were named in a call-up list for UEFA Women’s Nations League preparations under new coach Montserrat Tome last month, but refused to be called up and play for the national team.

The players called off the boycott after the RFEF pledged to prevent a recurrence, with senior association officials stepping down to resolve the situation.With Hermoso omitted from the Nations League call-up list, Spain went on to defeat Sweden (3-2) and Switzerland (5-0).

The Swedish national team showed their support for the Spanish team by posing for a photo with a banner that read “#SeAcabo” before kickoff, which the Spanish women’s national team players responded to with applause.

“Se Acabo” means “it’s over” in Spanish, and has been a popular hashtag on social media since the forced kissing incident.The Spanish national soccer team 카지노사이트킹 will face Italy on Nov. 28 and Switzerland on Nov. 1 in the third and fourth rounds of the Nations League Group D competition.

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