Timo Werner did not think that scoring was a core competency he should have. Werner believes that he can be of great help to the team by taking advantage of other strengths other than scoring.

Werner officially joined Tottenham Hotspur on the 10th (Korean time). After failing at Chelsea, Werner returned to RB Leipzig,

but was unable to establish himself at Leipzig this season. He once again challenged the Premier League (PL) through a loan from Tottenham. The lease period is six months, and it is reported that the terms of Werner’s signing do not include a full signing option.

The reason why Tottenham loaned Werner was clear. Tottenham was planning to fill the void left by Son Heung-min, who was selected for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, 먹튀검증사이트

which runs until mid-February, by recruiting Werner. Werner was able to think this way because, like Son Heung-min, he is a player who can play both the role of a side attacker and a front-line attacker.

Tottenham immediately hired Werner. Werner started as a left winger, Son Heung-min’s main position, in the league match against Manchester United held five days after joining Tottenham. 

In this match, Werner scored an attacking point in his debut, assisting Rodrigo Bentancourt’s equalizer early in the second half. 

However, there was some disappointment in the finish, as the shot was blocked by the opponent or went up high. Werner finished his first game for Tottenham as a replacement for Brian Hill with 80 to spare.

Tottenham allowed Rasmus Høirun to score the first goal early on, but soon balanced the score with Richarlison’s equalizer. After conceding a goal to Marcus Rashford before the end of the first half, Rodrigo Bentancur scored early in the second half to bring the game back to square one. 

The two teams fought until the end of the game, but the score stopped at 2-2. Tottenham, who gained one point, maintained 5th place in the league, and Manchester United briefly rose to 7th place in the league. 

For the record, Werner’s debut wasn’t bad. In the first minute of the second half, Werner sent an elaborate pass to Bentancur, who was penetrating into the opponent’s half, and Bentancur,

who received the pass, scored an assist by hitting the opponent’s net with a powerful left-footed shot. In addition, Werner left a record of 91% pass success rate, 1 opportunity creation, and 4 recoveries based on the soccer statistics media ‘Pot Mob’. 

The media gave Werner a rating of 7.1. Alesdair Gold, a Tottenham reporter for Football London, gave a rating of 7 and said, “Both of their shots in the first half missed, but they made up for it by helping Bentancur score in their debut game.

It was their first game since November 4. Werner was on the pitch for 79 minutes. He had a solid start, recording an assist, but he could have done better, he said. But if you look a little more closely, you can see that Werner left only doubts in his debut match. 

Werner attempted five shots that day, but failed to record a single effective shot. He attempted to dribble once but failed, and the cross did not reach his teammate. He competed six times but lost to all of his opponents. 

His contribution to the valuable equalizer can be highly regarded, but overall, Werner’s debut was disappointing. 

During the game, Werner drove the ball inside and attempted a curling kick with his right foot from the left side of the box, but the ball left Werner’s foot and headed toward the stands, ignoring the goal. Werner tried to shoot in the so-called ‘Son Heung-min zone’, but unlike Son Heung-min, it was Werner’s shot that did not hit the zero point properly. Tottenham fans thought Werner could still improve going forward as he had only recently participated in training and the game against Manchester United was his first game. However, as if Werner did not know the wishes of Tottenham fans, he made an absurd statement saying that they should not expect him to score.

In a recent interview with the British Evening Standard, Werner said, “There was always criticism about my performance (during my time at Chelsea). Against Manchester United, I started on the left wing.

I think a lot of people would like to see me score. “But in Tottenham’s tactics, I can help the team and bring a lot in the way coach Anzhi Postekoglou wants, and maybe not be responsible for scoring goals.”

“If you look at my stats (at Chelsea), you might think I should be scoring more goals. But now I have more experience and I know how important assists and penetration are to the team.

I want to score goals, but I want to score more goals. “It’s not my main anymore. I can bring a lot more for the team, especially in this type of strategy,” he added.

Werner explained that he can be helpful by getting behind the opposition defense to create space for his teammates, or providing an assist, as he did against Manchester United. 

He is saying that he will help the team by utilizing other strengths rather than his finishing ability. However, since Werner’s position is that of a striker, it seems likely that his statement that he will focus on other aspects rather than scoring will not resonate with fans.

Of course, if Werner uses his other strengths to become a player who has a great influence on the team like a ‘special helper’, Tottenham would also welcome him. Tottenham’s main scorer is Son Heung-min, and Richarlison,

whose performance has improved recently, is also heavily involved in scoring. Werner needs to adapt quickly to establish himself as the type of player at Tottenham who can help Son Heung-min and Richarlison.

First of all, Werner appears to be satisfied with his return to the PL. Werner told Sky Sports after the game: “I’m happy to be back. It’s really fun to play here. The PL is the best league where you play at this tempo.

I really enjoyed the game. It’s good to get a point. “It has stopped, but if I continue to train with my colleagues, I will be able to get better than now,” he said, expressing his thoughts on his return to the PL.

Coach Anzi Posteko Glu was also satisfied with Werner’s assist in his debut match. Speaking about Werner’s debut in the post-match press conference, Postekoglou said: “It’s important. Werner has trained with us twice. He hasn’t played for a long time, but I saw him today and he understands our style. “

I thought he could become an interesting player if he gets used to the style,” he said, looking forward to Werner’s future.

Coach Postekoglou then praised Werner’s attitude, saying, “I had no choice but to use Werner as a starter today. Werner was willing to play against Manchester United and help the team. He said he would do whatever he could.” .

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