Behind the success of the first Kim Tae-gyun Baseball Camp in Seongseong, Chungcheongnam-do, which was held last month on the 18th, were three people who dedicated themselves to developing juniors in a baseball barren area.According to Seongseong County on Thursday, Yeo Jun-hong of the Seongseong Little Baseball Team, Lee Song-young of the Seongseong BC-U16, and Lee Seung-jun of K-Pop (POP) played a big role in building the Manjae Stadium where the camp was held in the rural area of Seongseong-myeon.Yeo Jun-hong was appointed as the head coach of the Hongseong County Little Baseball Team in 2015, and since then, he has led the team to win the Chungcheongnam-do tournament just one year after its inception and the national championship last year, creating a new history as the cornerstone of Hongseong baseball.

Lee has been working on the backward development of baseball by founding little baseball teams in Gongju and Seosan, but when he felt the need for an elite middle school baseball team, he boldly created the Hongseong BC-U16 team, the first middle school baseball team in the western part of Chungnam Province, and has been the backbone of the baseball ecosystem in Hongseong-gun since 2017.Lee has been the manager of K-Pop Go, which was founded in Chungnam Province after 40 years following Gongju and Cheonan Bukil Go, and led the team to win the LG Twins last year.”We need the attention and support of the military and education officials to help students from all over the country settle in Hongseong,” the three coaches said, “and we will continue to strive to keep baseball at the center of elite sports.”Last month, Hongseong County held the Kim Tae-gyun Baseball Camp with nine KBO stars at the Mandaejang 스포츠토토존 Stadium, coaching 52 baseball prospects from across the country.

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