Kim Ha-sung (28-San Diego Padres), who became the first Korean player to win a Gold Glove in Major League Baseball (MLB) this year and enjoyed the best year of his career, is now involved in a legal dispute with a junior baseball player, according to his legal representative.

“The opposing player threatened and demanded money in the form of a settlement by taking advantage of Kim’s military status in 2021, and Kim paid the money on the condition that he would not contact him directly or indirectly or engage in any unfavorable behavior,” 안전카지노사이트 Kim’s law firm, Choi Sun Law, said in a statement on Monday.

2021 is Kim’s first year in the American Major Leagues.

After winning a gold medal with South Korea’s baseball team at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, Kim entered the academy in December of that year as an arts and athletic personnel.

As long as they undergo basic military training, they can be recognized for alternative service for two years and 10 months while engaged in their original livelihood.

If they get into legal trouble during this period, they may have to return to active duty.

“Nevertheless, the other player violated the agreement by contacting Kim again,” said Choi Sun Law Firm. In order to prevent further damage, Kim filed a criminal complaint.” “Separately, we are pursuing a civil lawsuit and garnishment for breach of the agreement,” said Choi.

“The allegations that Kim unilaterally and repeatedly assaulted the other player are completely untrue,” the statement added.

Kim Ha-seong and the junior player are former Nexen (now Kiwoom) Heroes players.

Kim joined the team in 2014, while the pitcher joined in 2015.

The junior player finished his active career without appearing in a first-team game, and he has continued his relationship with Kim Ha-seong privately since then.

After Kim filed a police complaint on July 7, alleging that he had been threatened and intimidated by the player, the junior player claimed in several broadcast interviews that he was “unilaterally and consistently assaulted by Kim Ha-sung.”

Law Firm Choi Seon said, “The opposing player should file a formal complaint if his claims are true. Kim Ha-sung will sincerely declare his innocence, and we will thoroughly hold him accountable for the false allegations.”

“We will file additional charges against those who reported false facts and fabricated evidence photos to the media,” he added.

Finally, the law firm conveyed Kim Ha-sung’s words, “I apologize for causing a lot of trouble to many people with my personal problems.” 바카라사이트

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