After ending a long losing streak, professional men’s volleyball team KB Insurance is now aiming for a ‘breakthrough’.

After a shutout win against OK Financial Group in the 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Home Game at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on Oct. 6, KB Insurance players and fans shed tears of joy immediately after the game, having snapped a 12-game losing streak. It was the first win in 50 days. 온라인카지노 KB Insurance had previously lost 12 consecutive games since winning its first game of the season on October 17 against KEPCO.

The losing streak continued, but it wasn’t all lethargy. KB Insurance lost to defending champion Korean Air in the first round with a set score of 2-3, but the team showed its ability to push the match to a full set.

“If we can score points when we need to, we can play a good game,” said KB Insurance head coach Hoo In-jung during the early stages of the losing streak. “I told the players to ‘take it slow’ because you can’t win a losing game if you’re in a hurry,” he said.

KB Insurance, which improved to 10 points (2-12) with the win, remained at the bottom of the standings, trailing sixth-ranked Hyundai Capital (10-2-11) in set points lost.

Although Hyundai Capital has played one less game, the gap is not huge, so if they can keep up the momentum of their winless streak, a top-two finish is not out of the question.

It is encouraging to see that the domestic players have picked up their scoring pace, led by the solid offensive performance of ‘Cannon’ Andres Biyena. The win over OK Financial Group was a 28-point performance from Biyena, with contributions from Hong Sang-hyuk (11 points), Liu Hong-min (7 points), Kim Hong-jung (7 points), and Hankook Min (7 points).

Another potential upside for KB Insurance is the return of “homegrown ace” Hwang Kyung-min (pictured), who has been a distant presence during the losing streak. Hwang suffered a fractured rib in a collision with teammate Hong Sang-hyuk on Nov. 16 against Woori Card and is currently rehabbing. While his immediate return is unlikely, KB Insurance still has a chance to rebound from the mid-rounds with Hwang Kyung-min, who will return after the third round, if they can get through the first three rounds in his absence.

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