The Korea Football Association announced on the 18th the list of national training calls for national team A in preparation for the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup to be held in Qatar in January next year.

The training will be conducted by the national team’s physical coaches, Coach Werner Reuthard and Coach Lee Jae-hong, and will focus on checking the physical condition and fatigue of players who recently finished the season and maintaining their condition through weight training and conditioning. 바카라사이트닷컴

This list is made up of K-League players who are candidates for the final list of the Asian Cup and some overseas players who are available for training during the break.

National team coach Jürgen Klinsmann said, “As many players have finished the season and have to start preparing for the competition in a very exhausted state

the goal this time is to ensure that the players leave for Qatar in the best condition through appropriate rest and training.

He conveyed the purpose of this convening, saying, “The purpose of the training.”

Meanwhile, the final entry for this Asian Cup has increased from 23 to 26, and the final list of 26 players will be announced on the 28th.

During this Asian Cup, participating teams will register 23 of the 26 players submitted to AFC for each game, and the remaining 3 will sit in the technical seat and watch the game.

Korean soccer enjoys the honor of having the highest score (semifinals) and advancing to the finals (11 times) as an Asian country in the World Cup

the world’s greatest stage, but has not been able to achieve victory in the Asian Cup.

The only time Korea reached the top of the Asian Cup was in the inaugural tournament in 1956 and the second tournament held in Seoul four years later.

In order to be proud of being the best in Asia, we must complete the return of the king at this Asian Cup in Qatar. The assessment is that it is the right time to regain the top.

Last year, Korean soccer was revived by advancing to the round of 16 of the FIFA Qatar World Cup, with Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain)

Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers), and Lee Jae-seong (Mainz). , Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart), etc. The European team’s performance is better than ever, so it is evaluated as the best power of all time.

Klinsmann also has his sights set on winning the Asian Cup.

The preparation period was also longer than in previous years.

Unlike usual, where we finish the World Cup in the summer and participate in the Asian Cup without even half a year to prepare with a new coach, as the Qatar World Cup was held in the winter

we prepared for this Asian Cup with coach Jurgen Klinsmann for nearly a year.

Klinsmann has been riding the wave since defeating Saudi Arabia in the international match in September.

Director Klinsmann’s goal is also clear. The intention is to give Korea the highest trophy in Asia after 64 years. Last month, ahead of the international match period

he met with SPOTV News while visiting Singapore to check the power of Singapore

which is in the same group of the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup Asian region second qualifying round, and declared that he would win the Asian Cup.

Coach Klinsmann said, “We are building a core line” regarding preparations for the Asian Cup. The framework is gradually coming together.

Strikers are asked to make 1-on-1 breakthroughs, make aggressive moves even if there is a risk, and make moves that can score a goal.

The puzzle leading up to the Asian Cup is being put together. “I am confident of winning the Asian Cup,” he said.

The preparation for the Asian Cup begins with this domestic convocation training. From December 26th to 31st

only indoor training will be held and will be held at a hotel in Seoul.

All K-League players included in this call-up will begin training on the 26th, and overseas league players will join training according to their personal schedules, such as returning home.

Players playing overseas will be called up in Abu Dami, UAE. As we gear up for the Asian Cup starting January 2

it is highly likely that each club will be asked to convene on this day. In this case, Premier Leaguer Son Heung-min will join without playing in the FA Cup.

Afterwards, they will enter Qatar, where the Asian Cup finals will be held, on January 10. After conducting final training in Qatar

the team will begin the first group match against Bahrain on January 15th.

The second group match against Jordan will be held on January 20th, and the final group match against Malaysia, led by coach Kim Pang-gon, will be held on January 25th.

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