Watch Jeonbuk-Gangwon at the World Cup in Jeonju on the 16th
Watch Seoul-Gwangju at the Seoul World Cup on the 17th
Jürgen Klinsmann

The head coach of the South Korean men’s national soccer team, 한국야동 will visit the K League this weekend.

Coach Klinsmann

Will visit Jeonju and Seoul this weekend,” an official from the Korea Football Association said through ‘News’ on the 15th.

Klinsmann will watch the match between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Gangwon FC at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the

16th, 성인웹툰 and then move to Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 17th to watch FC Seoul and Gwangju FC.

Jeonbuk features Moon Sun-min and Ahn Hyun-beom, who were selected to the A team in September,

as well as Lee Dong-joon and Jung Tae-wook, who have international experience.

There’s also the possibility of seeing Gangwon’s ace Kim Dae-won.

In the Seoul and Gwangju games, we will also get to see the performance of Na Sang-ho and Lee Soon-min.

On the 14th, Coach Klinsmann announced his departure from the K League scene at a press conference on his

return from the September A match, saying, “I think I will see you in the K League scene this weekend.”

He had originally planned to stay in Europe after the A-Match in September to watch Kim Min-jae (Bayern

Munich) and others play, but changed his plans due to negative publicity.

Meanwhile, 19가이드03 Klinsmann’s team also has two more A matches coming up in October.

The team will play Tunisia on the 13th and Vietnam on the 17th in friendly matches at home.

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