Ten professional baseball teams have entered the final spurt of the season to advance to the postseason and prepare for a leap forward next year.

The 2023 professional baseball regular season will end on October 10th depending on the remaining game schedule.

The final variable that will determine the rankings is the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The KBO League will continue the league without stopping during the Hangzhou Asian Games

which opens on the 23rd of this month.

The Asian Games baseball game begins on October 1

and the Korean national baseball team will gather national team players belonging to professional clubs on the 22nd and train for about five days before leaving for Hangzhou


The Asian Games baseball season ends on October 7 스포츠토토

and the regular season will be over by the time the national team players return to their teams.

The fall baseball bracket and the rankings of 6th and lower will be determined based on the performance each team must endure over the two weeks without key players selected for the national team.

In the end, each team plans to focus on accumulating more wins by mobilizing all its power before the national team is convened.

Looking at the remaining game schedule announced by the KBO Secretariat on the 29th of last month, there are quite a few interesting ‘solidifying’ and ‘flipping’ matchups.

Leading LG Twins, advancing toward advancing to the Korean Series for the first time in 21 years, and second-place KT Wiz, trailing LG by 4.5 games, will play a fateful three-game series in Suwon from the 5th to the 7th.

If the current gap continues until the day before the two teams’ three-game series, LG will have an advantage in solidifying the lead.

It will be a different story if KT sweeps the three-game series, but LG can maintain its lead at 3.5 games with just 1 win and 2 losses.

The three-game series between KIA Tigers and Doosan Bears taking place in Jamsil on the same day also attracts attention.

As of August 31, KIA is in 5th place, pushing out 6th place Doosan by 1.5 games and able to catch the last train to fall baseball.

KIA and Doosan will move to Gwangju from the 15th to the 17th and face each other for two consecutive weeks. The results of the six head-to-head matches can determine the joys and sorrows of the two teams.

The three-game series between KT and third-place SSG Landers in Suwon (8th-10th), which is two games behind them, and the two-game series between NC Dinos and Doosan in Jamsil (19th-20th), where fourth place is at stake, are also games in which both teams must risk their lives.

The 7th-place Lotte Giants, who are preparing for their final emergency after coach Larry Sutton’s voluntary resignation, will face off against top-five rivals such as Doosan (1st to 3rd), NC (8th to 10th), and KIA (13th to 14th). You can have hope only if you achieve remarkable results.

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