The KIA Tigers have released two new special jerseys with IAB Studios.

In the home game against Kiwoom at the Gwangju-KIA Champions Field on the 2th

the squad will wear Liberation Day jerseys to commemorate the 15th anniversary of independence.

This Liberation Day uniform was inspired by the hanbok and taeguk flag of the independence warriors who dedicated their lives to the country

and was made with an off-white top and ink-colored bottoms.

In addition 안전놀이터

the tiger patch with the Taeguk pattern and the Gungongamri of the Taeguk flag are engraved on both sleeves

and the Mugunghwa patch is placed on the back of the uniform.

On the 78th, at the home game against Kiwoom

he will wear a special uniform for Mudeungsan Day.

The special uniform for Mudeungsan Day was taupe-brown

which symbolizes the columnar foliage of Mudeungsan Mountain

and light green, which represents the bright greenery of Mudeungsan Mountain.

On both shoulders

a V pattern with a tiger pattern was applied to the Tigers’ 17th Korean Series title.

On the front of the uniform, there is a patch of the otter “Dal Kongi

which is the flagpole species of Mudeungsan National Park.

On the other hand, this special uniform can be purchased at the online and offline team store

and the Liberation Day uniform will be sold from 12 pm on the 15th

and the special uniform for Mudeungsan Day will be sold from 2 pm on the 17th.

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