Seoul fans also raised funds The amount of the sanctions was handed over early.

Water bottle thrown by Incheon supporters

FC Seoul of the K League 1 of professional soccer plans to request a retrial of the disciplinary action given to goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom in relation to the ‘water bottle throwing’ incident by Incheon United fans during an away game in Incheon.

An official from the Seoul club said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 17th, “As soon as the disciplinary decision regarding Baek Jong-beom is received, we will review the contents and prepare a request for a retrial.”

The ‘water bottle throwing’ by Incheon fans that took place after the K-League 1 12th round match between Incheon and Seoul held at Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 11th is leaving a deep impact both inside and outside the ground. 카지노사이트

Immediately after Incheon lost 1-2, home fans collectively threw dozens of water bottles at the Seoul players on the ground, and in the process, accidents occurred, such as Seoul Ki Sung-yueng being hit in the vital spot by a flying water bottle.

In relation to this, the Professional Football League’s Rewards and Punishments Committee held a meeting on the 16th and ordered the Incheon team to close the cheering stands for five home games and also imposed a fine of 20 million won.

In addition, Seoul goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom was also slapped with a fine of 7 million won.

This is because, immediately after the referee’s whistle signaled the end of the game, he raised his arms, clenched his fists, and roared at the Incheon supporters.

Baek Jong-beom explained that it was a gesture made out of excitement as Incheon fans at the time raised their middle fingers and cursed at their parents, but the reward and punishment committee judged this to be ‘unsportsmanlike behavior toward the crowd’ and imposed disciplinary action.

Seoul argues that Baek Jong-beom did not intend to engage in unsportsmanlike behavior and that it was simply a victory celebration, so consistency and fairness with similar actions in the past should be considered. In particular, Baek Jong-beom is complaining about the unfairness of the disciplinary action, saying he was a ‘victim’ of the water bottle throwing incident.

In addition to the level of disciplinary action, Baek Jong-beom’s refusal to personally appear at the reward and punishment committee due to team training was also causing controversy.

Chairman Cho said, “I can’t come to my senses. Since the club is doing something like this… it seems like the Seoul club doesn’t know what’s what,” and added, “There is a serious problem with the attitude of the club’s leadership.” Some even suspect that Baek Jong-beom may have been caught in a ‘crime of shame.’

According to the Professional Football League’s rewards and punishment regulations, a person subject to disciplinary action may request a retrial within 7 days from the date of receiving the decision. However, if a penalty is imposed, this can be done after paying the amount.

If a retrial is requested, the Board of Directors of the Professional Football League may review the reasons for the retrial within 15 days and make a decision such as canceling, reducing, or dismissing the disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, as the disciplinary decision became known, fans in Seoul are strengthening their support by raising money.

The amount raised by the official supporter ‘Guardian God’ the day before has already exceeded 7 million won.

In a social media announcement, Suhosin said, “We intended to deliver the collected amount to player Baek Jong-beom through the club, but the club expressed its intention to say, ‘We are truly grateful for your precious hearts, but we will politely decline to accept only the hearts and the amount raised.'” He said that in consultation with the club, it was decided to use Baek Jong-beom’s name for youth players. 안전 슬롯사이트

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