(From left) Three siblings: Kim Sang-eun, Kim Sang-hee, and Kim Sang-hoon

The 18th National Sports Festival for Disabled Students, a grand festival for Korea’s disabled sports dreamers, ended its four-day competition on the 17th.

A record number of 3,828 people (1,764 athletes, 2,064 executives and officials) participated in this competition, which was held in 17 sports throughout Jeollanam-do.

Gyeonggi-do won the most medals with 185 (67 gold, 62 silver, 56 bronze), and host Jeonnam won 74 medals (16 gold, 35 silver, 23 bronze).

Swimmers Kim Jae-hoon and Kim Jin-heon (Gyeonggi-do) won 5 gold medals, and Hwang Shin (Gyeonggi-do) won 4 gold medals.

In the rowing (indoor) competition held at the Mokpo Maritime University Gymnasium on this day, three siblings from Jeollanam-do, Kim Sang-hoon (16), Kim Sang-eun (14), and Kim Sang-hee (13), were listed in the entry list for the mixed 500m time race team event, and among them, Kim Sang-hoon and Kim Sang-hee participated. They achieved the ‘sibling silver medal’ together with a record of 1 minute and 58 seconds.

Kim Sang-hoon expressed his thoughts, “I am happy to have won a silver medal with my younger brother. I would like to participate in international competitions as a national representative in the future.”

In the e-sports event held at the Mokpo Multipurpose Gymnasium, Lee Kyung-min (Gyeonggi-do) won two gold medals by winning the mixed Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis individual competition (physical and hearing impaired high school) and League of Legends individual competition (physical and hearing impaired high school).

In the basketball finals held at Muan Sports Park, Chungnam defeated Seoul 53-36.

In the weightlifting men’s 80kg bench press (high school division with physical and brain lesions) held at Yeongam Indoor Gymnasium, Seongjae Yoo (17, Chungcheongnam-do) won the gold medal with 149kg.

Seongjae Yoo, who also reached the top in weightlifting and powerlifting, won three gold medals in his first competition.

The medal count, results, and winners of the 18th National Sports Competition for Students with Disabilities can be checked on the official website.

The 19th competition will be held in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do in May next year. 토토사이트

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