Mixed martial arts star Bob Sapp, 51, recently made news when he revealed that he is married to two wives.

Bob Sapp recently appeared on the YouTube channel Helchang TV, where he was preparing to compete in a bodybuilding competition.

In the video, Bob Sapp traveled to Incheon International Airport to pick up his second wife. When asked by the crew, “Do you have a third wife?” he replied, “It’s not impossible, but I’m happy with the two I have now.”

Speaking about his two wives, Bob Sapp said, “I’m 50 this year, and I met (my second wife) Aiya when I was in my 20s. Delaiya is a woman I met in my early 30s.”

After greeting Aiya at the airport, Bob Sapp later showed her working out at the gym. Dalia wiped her husband’s sweat off with a towel, while Aiya helped him by handing him drinks, and Bob Sapp himself watched his wives work out.

“You have your two beautiful wives with you every day for your cardio sessions, and you do your cardio here in the living room, and your other cardio sessions…” the crew said, and Bob Sapp laughed as he pointed to the bed.

The crew asked, “I don’t know about you, but with two wives, is it twice as hard?” To which he replied, “Sure, it takes more stamina. But that’s what keeps me ‘Keep Going,'” he said.

Bob Sapp has already garnered attention for his YouTube channel, “Pisik University,” where he revealed that he lives with two wives, one from Guatemala and one 안전놀이터 from Japan.

“I’ve been married for a while, actually,” Bob Sapp said at the University of Pisik. I didn’t disclose it because of my situation, but now everybody knows, so I have two wives,” he said, “one Latin American, one Japanese. We’re doing well,” he said.

When the members of the Pisik University were surprised and asked, “Is that possible?” and “Is it possible that you have two wives at the same time, instead of marrying one, divorcing one, and then getting a new one?” Bob Sapp said, “We are married together,” and added, “The three of us are of one mind. We travel together, we share everything, we sleep in the same bed,” he said.

“My friends make fun of me a lot. We’re not a couple, we’re a triple. We like each other, so we don’t mind sharing our lives like this,” he added.

Bob Sapp made his K-1 debut in 2002 and quickly became one of the sport’s most prominent fighters, sinking then-reigning champion Ernest Host. In 2005, he faced the Techno Goliath Hong Man Choi and won a decision.

At the time, the emergence of Bob Sapp in K-1, who used his muscle mass and strength to beat the crap out of his opponents, was a big deal to fight fans, and he himself became a successful fighter, creating a definitive character in K-1 by appropriating the beast image. With his unique showmanship and image, he also appeared on various Japanese shows and became a ratings driver.


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