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Cobra Golf’, a golf brand developed by global sports brand Puma, held a new product launch show at Club D Cheongdam in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 2nd of last month and unveiled the Dark Speed ​​lineup. It consists of a driver, fairway wood, and hybrid lineup with advanced aerodynamic design.

Not only did players active in Team Cobra Golf and various influencers participate in this event, but Kyle Berkshire, the 2023 World Long Drive Champion, also attended and received a great response by introducing tips for increasing distance and demonstrating dark speed driver performance.

Dark speed driver

Dark Speed ​​Driver’s slogan is ‘Speeds never before seen in the world, surpassing limits.’ The Dark Speed ​​Driver boasts the fastest speed among Cobra Golf’s all-time drivers. It was designed with cutting-edge technology, aerospace materials, and the expertise of aerospace engineers. It features an aerodynamic design, a new power bri, and the largest AI-designed Powershell HOT face ever. It consists of three models: Darkspeed LS and Darkspeed X for men and Darkspeed MAX for women.

Each model achieves fast head speed by adjusting the head design and center of gravity to minimize air resistance to increase distance. The sophisticated club head shape improves operability and control by increasing visual concentration at address. The Dark Speed ​​Driver lineup was created with a focus on enabling golfers of any level to swing at the fastest possible speed.

“The aerodynamic design of the DarkSpeed ​​driver lineup is the most up-to-date technology available,” said Mike Yagley, vice president of innovation in charge of Cobra Golf’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology and new technology. “We are continuously improving the aerodynamic design.” “We will continue to research mass characteristics and resilience and strive to ensure that golfers experience the best performance with advanced driver technology.”

A feature of Dark Speed ​​Metalwood is that golfers can set their drivers according to their swing style and pitch type. Adjustable weighting system adjusts forgiveness, launch angle and spin amount. The LS model is equipped with two 3g weights and one 12g weight. Two are mounted on the front and one on the back, and the quality of the pitch changes depending on the location of the weight. The X model is equipped with front and rear weights that optimize ball flight. Placing the center of gravity at the front improves distance, and placing it at the back improves forgiveness. MAX has weights on the heel and rear. Placing the 12g weight at the rear improves forgiveness, and placing it at the heel tends to draw and eliminates slices. By moving the center of gravity, you can change the pitch by using COBRA’S MyFly 8, which uses smart pad technology. A major feature is that the loft can be adjusted up to ±1.5 degrees, eight sleeve settings are possible, and a consistent face angle is maintained even when the loft is changed, enabling accurate target alignment. The power bridge weight designed using AI increases ball speed and increases distance. HOT Face Technology, designed with a Powershell face insert that is 13% larger than the previous model, has expanded the maximum rebound area. This is a technology that reduces distance loss for golfers whose center of gravity is not consistent. Another feature is the multi-material chassis with a lightweight carbon crown and sole plate, and a reinforced titanium frame that achieves an optimal center of gravity. The carbon crown is 30% thinner than the previous model, and the extra weight gained here has been redistributed throughout the head. 스포츠토토

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