LG Twins outfielder Kim Bum-seok (20), who was sent home from the first team spring training in Arizona, USA, due to an injury, received some bitter words from a veteran upon joining the second team camp at LG Champions Park in Icheon. Senior pitcher Kim Jin-sung (39) said, “I told Kim Bum-seok straight up. No one else would, so I did,” Kim said.

Kim Bum-seok returned to Korea from the United States on July 17. He suffered an injury to his inner oblique muscle while training in spring training. For any other athlete, this would have been considered an unexpected setback, but Kim, whose weight was an issue even before spring camp began, had a different perspective.

“The coaching staff tried to nurture him with a lot of care, but he couldn’t make himself fit. It’s a huge mistake,” he said in a strong tone.

Yi planned to start the season with Kim Bum-seok as the backup catcher next to Park Dong-won, the starting catcher, 바카라사이트 and to give him some playing time at first base. He assigned QC (Quality Control) coach Lee Ho-joon to manage Kim’s weight, but just two months into camp, Kim was sidelined with an injury.

During an interview at LG Champions Park in Icheon on July 22, Kim mentioned Bum-seok briefly.

Kim suffered a muscle injury during last year’s Korean Series, and instead of attending the Arizona camp in the U.S., he attended the second team camp to regain full fitness.

“When Kim Bum-seok came here (Icheon) for the first time, I told him what to do. No one said anything,” he said. He was worried, referring to cases where players with great talent were unable to fulfill their potential due to injuries or poor self-care.

“If you’re injured, it’s your own responsibility, to be honest. “When I first came, I came to greet him in the hallway, and he just coldly said, ‘Oh, I’m here, I’ll see you tomorrow.’ Then the next morning in the weight room, in front of the players, I just said something out loud. Nobody said anything, so I’m not particularly good at it, but I think I can talk,” he said.

He also mentioned an incident with Kim Bum-seok last year.

“Last year, in the treatment room at Jamsil Stadium, I talked to Bum-seok nicely. No matter how good you are at baseball, your weight will always be an issue, and it will always hurt you. I told him that it’s a scientific fact that if you gain weight, you’ll get injured. At that time, Bum-seok said, ‘Okay, senpai, I’ll try to do it like this with my mind. When I asked him if he remembered the time we talked about it (in the bedroom), he said he couldn’t remember.”

“I was going to say something to him when he came this time, because we had a good talk last time,” Kim said, adding that he was going to be bitter.

“He came and greeted the coaches and talked to them, but when he was smiling and talking to them, I thought, ‘He’s so complacent. The coaching staff, the front office staff, the baseball organization, they’re all getting a bad rap because of Bumseok, 토토사이트 순위 so I just said something. I don’t care if juniors sleep late, play at night, or smoke because it’s their personal life. But as an athlete and a senior, I think I can say something about Bum-seok’s body. I told him, ‘It’s not an athlete’s body.'”

It wasn’t just a one-sided scolding. “When we met in the sauna, I said, ‘I was honestly offended when you said that,’ so he said, ‘I was a little offended, but thank you for saying that,'” Kim Jin-sung said.

Meanwhile, Kim Bum-seok joined the Icheon 2nd Army camp for rehabilitation. He plans to have a medical checkup in early March to see how far he has recovered from his injury.

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