Can the KBO be chewed up and eaten? The Giants’ foreign-born slugger’s bat sails over the fence. The bat of Lotte Giants’ newest foreign player, Victor Reyes, is swinging hard.

What looked like a light swing turned into a series of home-run hits from the nearly 6-foot-2 basketball player.

On the 22nd, the Lotte Giants held their second spring training camp at Itoman Baseball Stadium in Okinawa, Japan.

From the first day of the second camp, the bat of Lotte’s new foreign hitter, Victor Reyes, was spinning wildly. In live batting inside the batting cage, he hit a line drive over the fence.

Ahead of the season, Lotte signed Reyes to a $950,000 contract, including $700,000 guaranteed and $250,000 in incentives. Lotte parted ways with Dixon Machado, 토토사이트 one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball, ahead of the 2022 season to bring in a new foreign slugger.

They tried to sign DJ Peterson ahead of the 2022 season, but failed.

He was a one-hitter, but otherwise very underwhelming. They brought in Jack Rex as a mid-season replacement. Rex’s performance revitalized the team and he was re-signed to open the 2023 season with them. However, a knee injury he suffered early in the season sidelined him.

Another midseason signing, this time of a major league caliber infielder in Nico Gudrum, proved to be a bad move. Goodrum, who joined the team in the middle of the season, failed to hit a single home run and his defense was so poor that he was not re-signed.

Reyes, who joined Lotte for the first time this season, is a long outfielder who can also play defense at Utuyangta, and has a stocky build at 196 centimeters tall and 87 kilograms.

The Venezuelan native was born in 1994 and is 30 years old. He joined the Atlanta Braves in 2011. In 2018, he entered the big leagues with the Detroit Tigers. He played in the major leagues until 2022.

He can hit with both his left and right hand, which gives him a lot of versatility. He’s a big hitter with good defense.

Lotte has had three foreign hitters leave the organization in the last two years.

Victor Reyes lasted five years in the big leagues. 파워볼사이트 추천 He hit 20 home runs in the minors last year. Not bad for a name. He’s exactly what the Rifles need.

Will Reyes be able to erase the black history of Lotte’s outfielders this season and say YES?

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