Lee Da-young, also in the article

Uploaded Article 8 (Reporting of Human Rights Violations) of the KOVO Athletes’ Rights Protection Regulations

As volleyball player Lee Da-young continues her revelations about senior volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung, 토토사이트 she has posted another meaningful post on her social networking service (SNS) that has drawn attention.

On the 28th, Lee posted an image of the Athlete Grievance Center on her SNS along with a copy of Article 8 (Reporting of Human Rights Violations) of the KOVO Athlete Rights Protection Regulations.

He wrote, “Anyone may report the contents to the Athlete Grievance Center if it is recognized that the human rights of an athlete have been violated by an act falling under any of the following items. Violent acts such as beating or verbal abuse Sexual harassment or acts that cause sexual shame Other acts that unfairly infringe on the personality of the athlete The federation shall immediately report the contents of the report to the chairman of the penalty committee unless the contents of the report in the preceding paragraph are deemed to be clearly false or without reason. 스포츠토토 In the case of Article 5.2 and the preceding paragraph, the Chairman of the Penalty Committee shall immediately convene the Penalty Committee and conduct a fact-finding investigation. However, in this case, the penalty committee may give the relevant parties an opportunity to be heard.

Lee also left a meaningful post saying, “Did KOVO check the facts with the player about sexual harassment and workplace violence, and if you want to know the truth, ask the player directly.”

He followed up with an Instagram Story with a picture of a rainbow and the words, “Fight to tell the truth. To hide a lie, invest,” she wrote.

Previously, Lee revealed that she had been involved in a team feud with Kim Yeon-kyung, revealing a conversation she had with her in the past. Lee and her twin sister Lee Jae-young were released from the Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders in 2021 after being involved in a bullying controversy.

In response to the controversy, Kim’s agency, RyanAt, said, “We will take a hard line against any press releases that are maliciously written and distributed in relation to player Kim Yeon-kyung,” adding, 스포츠토토맨 “There will be no exoneration or settlement in any case.”

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