LG shortstop Oh Ji-hwan was replaced on defense at the beginning of the game.

This is caused by muscle pain in the front of the right thigh.

Oh Ji-hwan started as the No. 13 hitter shortstop in the game against the Kiwoom Heroes at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 5th

and was replaced by Jung Joo-hyun in the third inning.

He only had one at-bat.

An official from the LG club said

“He was replaced for the protection of the player due to muscle pain in the front of his right thigh.

I’m icing

and I don’t have any plans to go to the hospital.” 온라인카지노

Prior to this game

Oh had appeared in 3 games, batting .83 with a .0 on-base percentage and a .258 slugging percentage.

He hit two home runs and had 0 RBIs.

The defense was responsible for 379/0 innings.

In the 353th, with a 2-43 lead

he hit a ball to center field at second base in the first inning.

He then fell out of the defensive field before his second at-bat.

Daejeon Joo-hyun Jung has appeared in 708 innings in five games as a shortstop this year.

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