Inter Miami is pursuing the signing of Luis Suarez (36, Gremio).

Gaston Edul of Argentina’s ‘TyC Sports’ reported on June 19 (KST), “Miami has already negotiated with Suarez, so they believe they will be able to sign him. If this summer is difficult, they will try again in December. Miami has an agreement with Suarez, the only obstacle is to get Gremio to leave.”

Edul previously said: “Suarez is close to Miami, they have been negotiating for a long time and progress has been made. I believe that Miami will be able to sign Suarez very soon.”

Suarez is a striker for the ages. He has played for Club Nacional de Fútbol (Uruguay), FC Groningen (Netherlands), AFC Ajax (Netherlands), Liverpool (England), Barcelona (Spain), and Atletico Madrid (Spain). He was a prolific scorer, leading the Eredivisie (35 goals in 2009-10), Premier League (31 goals in 2013-14), and La Liga (40 goals in 2015-16). He also won numerous trophies along the way.

He ended his European career with Atletico. Last summer, he signed a short-term deal with his hometown club Nacional, scoring six goals and three assists in the league and leading them to the 2022 Uruguayan Primera Division Final. He scored a multi-goal performance in the final against Liverpool FC (Uruguay) (4-1) to win his 49th career trophy. His next stop was Gremio in the Brazilian Serie A (first division). In January, Gremio announced on their website that they had signed “one of the greatest strikers in the world, Suarez. He has signed a two-year contract until the end of 2024.”

Suarez is showing class at Gremio. He has 13 goals and nine assists in 30 official games. Meanwhile, Gremio has also been performing well in various competitions.

In June, there were even rumors of his retirement. “Suarez informed director Gremio of his intention to retire, and he has no plans to fulfill his contract with Gremio,” according 카지노사이트 to Brazilian outlet GZH Esportes. However, there has been no further word since then, and Suarez continues to take the field.

He is now being linked to Miami. Miami signed Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets in the summer transfer window. The plan was to add Suarez to the mix. However, it’s not going to be easy, as Gremio is strongly opposed to the move.

Miami is determined to bring him back this summer, even if it falls through. Suarez played 258 games with Messi at Barcelona, where they had a fantastic synergy. He also played 250 games with Busquets. Miami is hoping that the addition of Suarez will boost both the performance and the box office.

Meanwhile, Miami is also on the verge of signing Jordi Alba. European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano tweeted on April 19 that the deal was “HERE WE GO,” with a “HERE WE GO” signaling that “the contract will be signed once the final details are finalized.

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