Busan World Table Tennis Star Shin Yu-bin Holds a Charity Event as a ‘Signed Rubber’

Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air), the ‘ace’ of Korean table tennis, is popular in Busan as well.

A ‘Fan Zone’ is being operated at the BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships, which is on its second day of opening on the 17th.

The fan zone on one side of BEXCO, the venue, attracts fans with various event booths and experience facilities.

Among them is Shin Yu-bin’s charity bazaar booth. 파워볼

Players frequently change the rubber attached to the front and back of their table tennis rackets.

Shin Yu-bin autographs rubber she no longer uses and sells it at a charity booth.

Although Shin Yu-bin does not need it, it is a valuable collection item for fans.

It is also a rubber that can be used continuously at the hobbyist level.

Following the opening day on the 16th, many fans gathered at the booth and bought ‘Shin Yubin Rubber’.

Shin Yu-bin’s father, Shin Soo-hyeon , said, “The table tennis rubber with Yu-bin’s autograph is selling like hot cakes.

I’m at a loss .”

Shin Yu-bin plans to collect the money from rubber sales into a donation account and donate it to neighbors in need in the future.

Starting with donating her first salary when joining Korean Air, she has been using the prize money she received from major competitions to help neighbors in need.

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