It will be a fierce battle between Bucheon FC 1995 head coach Lee Young-min and Chungnam Asan FC head coach Kim Hyun-seok. Bucheon has vowed to target Chungnam Asan’s weaknesses in the back, while Chungnam Asan has promised to apply strong pressure from the front.

Bucheon and Chungnam Asan will play the 15th round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at 7:30 p.m. on the 27th at Bucheon Sports Complex.

Bucheon and Chungnam Asan are ranked ninth and eighth, respectively, among the 13 teams in the K League 2 with 17 points from 13 matches. Both Bucheon and Chungnam Asan can move up to fifth place if they win this match. The home team Bucheon is unbeaten in three matches (1 win, 2 draws). Chungnam Asan bounced back with a win over 홀덤사이트 Suwon Samsung Electronics.

Before the match, Bucheon head coach Lee Young-min said, “We’ve played every team once, and we have some idea of how they operate. Asan is a team that has changed 180 degrees from last year. They are a well-built team. They have a very good organization, a very good process. We had a meeting with the players about how to respond,” he said, adding, ”Our team is the same, but they (Chungnam Asan) have their weaknesses. I think it will be important to target those areas.”

Lee Young-min believes that stopping Chungnam Asan’s buildup will be a key point: “In the last game against Seoul Eland, I told us to be careful with counters, and we conceded a goal on the counter. This time, we practiced stopping the opponent’s buildup in our own way. I watched a lot of videos of Asan conceding goals, and they conceded a lot of goals because they penetrated the opponent’s backline. We will not just kick, but we will utilize the space behind the opponent in the way we have always done.”

Bucheon ace Ahn Jae-joon was left out of the roster due to an injury sustained in the previous match. “As soon as he came on (in the last game), he was sprinting and his hamstring got bad. It was a relapse of what was already bad,” said Lee.

Chungnam Asan head coach Kim Hyun-seok “analyzed” Bucheon relentlessly. He said, “After (one game), I’m worried. I don’t know how many Bucheon matches I watched. I’m analyzing it, but so are the players. Still, there is no guarantee that the game will go well. When we analyze and have meetings, I tell the players, ‘Take the analysis into account. We can’t play the same way Bucheon played against Seoul Eland.”

Kim Hyun-seok, who tries to anticipate the opponent’s starting lineup, said, “The most difficult thing is to have a different player even if you know who will come out.” “The only thing Bucheon has different is Lee Yi-hyung. Han Jiho came into the starting lineup (instead of Lee),” he said.

In the best 11 released by Chungnam Asan, midfielder Jung Mah-ho is listed as a striker. “It’s a cover-up,” said coach Kim Hyun-seok.

“Maho has offense, and when we first started the season, we thought of him as a holding midfielder. He has the height, the activity. We prepared a four-back in the winter, but there weren’t many (defenders) who had the ability to be clever. We wanted to play Maho as a holding midfielder. He’s still young, he doesn’t have the strength, vision, etc. He’s getting better as he plays, but he’s still lacking a lot in terms of teaching and details. With his older brothers on the sidelines helping him, he’s getting better step by step.”

Jung Mah-ho, born in 2005, is also attracting attention as a multiplayer. Coach Kim Hyun-seok said, “His best position is holding. He has height, heading power and a very good shot. It’s no joke. One of his shots is a thunderbolt. I like ‘Pata’ so much, so I think holding is perfect for him.” ‘I like holding, but due to the circumstances, I play as a double-bolanch,’ he said.

Coach Kim Hyun-seok, who plays unflinching soccer, also shouted ‘attack’ against Bucheon. He said, “Today, I told us to attack boldly and not get down. I also told the line to be flexible when defending. If the line moves even a little bit, it’s not easy for (opposing) attackers.”

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