“I will play honestly and faithfully according to the spirit and rules of golf.”

Yoon Ina (21), who emerged as a star on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour with her beauty and long shots, but was severely punished for playing wrong balls, is returning to the tour this season.

This is because the KLPGA reduced Yoon Ina’s 3-year disciplinary period to 1 year and 6 months. The early return of Yoon Ina, who caused great controversy with a play that shook the very foundation of her golf spirit, is being met with conflicting views, with those frowning at her and at the same time welcoming the comeback of Shin Seong of women’s professional golf. 바카라사이트닷컴

Yoon Eana, who debuted on the KLPGA tour in 2022, received great attention for her outstanding beauty and overwhelming long hitting ability. In particular, she achieved good results in many competitions in the 2022 season, and there were expectations that she would become a leading figure in the next generation of Korean women’s golf.

However, a huge controversy arose when the incorrect ball play that occurred at the Korea Women’s Open in June 2022 was not reported immediately, but was reported a month later. During the first round of the tournament, Yoon Ina pushed ahead with her game even though she knew that the ball that fell into the rough was not her ball.

Yoon Ina continued to participate in subsequent competitions and also won the trophy at the KLPGA Tour Ever Collagen Queen’s Crown in July of the same year. However, as her incorrect play was later revealed through the golf industry and some media, she voluntarily reported this to the association in July, about a month after the Korean Women’s Open ended.

In the end, the KGA and KLPGA imposed a three-year suspension from competition in August and September of the same year, respectively. Immediately after the incident, criticism poured in that she had shaken the foundation of her golf spirit for hiding her wrong-ball play, which would have resulted in a simple penalty if she had reported it. However, there were mixed views on the outcome of Yoon Ina’s disciplinary action.

Some said that the three-year disciplinary action was too harsh for Yoon Ina, who is in her early 20s. At the same time, those who argued for ‘disqualification of players’ in response to an unprecedented situation in Korean golf history expressed the opinion that the disciplinary action was weak.

Since then, the incident has become the hottest topic in the golf world, with fans continuing to petition for Yoon Ina’s return.

As a result, the Korea Golf Association voluntarily shortened the disciplinary period in September of last year, just over a year after the disciplinary action, causing great controversy once again. After controversy and three months of deliberation, the December board meeting failed to decide whether to reduce disciplinary action.

Last September, just over a year after the Korea Golf Association imposed disciplinary action, it shortened the disciplinary period, sparking fierce controversy. The KLPGA also discussed whether to reduce disciplinary action at its board of directors meeting in December last year, but failed to reach a conclusion. Then, the year passed and the final conclusion was reached in 2024.

The Korea Golf Association said, “After complying with the disciplinary decision, Yoon Ina did about 50 hours of community service and spent time seriously reflecting, including donating all of the prize money she received from the U.S. mini tour. Thousands of petitions for relief were received.” He explained the reason for the reduced disciplinary action, saying, “These factors were taken into consideration.”

As a result, Yoon Ea’s disciplinary action for wrong-ball play, which began in September 2022, will end on March 19 of this year. Considering that the domestic opening match of the 2024 KLPGA Tour season will be held in April, it is virtually possible to participate in this season’s tour from the beginning.

Yoon Ina said through her management company Crowning, “I am grateful to the KLPGA and the Korea Golf Association for giving me the opportunity to compete again as a player,” and added, “I will continue to take time for service and self-reflection and express my sincere understanding to my seniors, juniors, and fellow players.” “I will seek it,” he said.

In addition, Yoon Ina repeatedly bowed her head, saying, “I will never repeat the same mistake again and will play honestly and sincerely according to the spirit and rules of golf,” and “I once again apologize to everyone who has caused concern through my wrong actions.”

The timing of his return is not specified. Yoon Ina’s side said, “I will not specify a specific point in time and will focus on training until my performance returns to a certain level. “I will devote myself to training until I can stand on the field again for the sake of the fans who hope and support his return,” he said.

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