A brief two-game winning streak after a 12-game losing streak. And then six straight losses. Five of them were shutout losses.

KB Insurance head coach Hoo In-jeong’s bitterness deepened. KB Insurance lost the set score 0-3 against Hyundai Capital at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 4th.

They fought a deuce battle for two or three consecutive sets, but were unable to find a solution. When interviewed after the match, coach Hoo In-jung said, “It’s unfortunate that we lost height. 현금홀덤사이트 We could have turned the tide if we had a block when it mattered,” he said.

“We need to play more boldly in crunch time, but as the losing streak gets longer and we don’t win, the players are anxious about making mistakes. It’s a shame because my opponent is taller… I could have played better.”

In the Asian quarter, Liu Hongmin was used as a starter in all three sets. It was to strengthen the defense. Her defense and reception were better than expected, but she only scored three points.

It’s the middle of Round 4, 21 games in, and they’re 3-18 with just 14 points. That’s a whopping 13 points behind sixth-place OK Financial Group. Hyundai Capital’s four-game winning streak has made them even more comparable.

Coach Hoo In-jung is gradually giving younger players a chance. Third-year player Son Jun-young and rookies Kwon Tae-wook and Jang Harang were on the court today. “His height is good for both attacking and blocking,” he said of Jang Harang.

“But college volleyball and the pros are completely different. In the past, there were one or two players who played as soon as they joined the pros, but now the difference is obvious. You have to practice with your brothers and improve a lot before you can play.”

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