Patrick Cantlay (USA), who caused the so-called ‘hat gate’ at the Ryder Cup, a golf competition between the US and Europe last year, wore a hat from the Scholarship Foundation for Children in the opening game of the PGA Tour season. participate inThe Associated Press reported on the 3rd that Cantlay, ranked 5th in the world golf rankings, will wear a hat with the logo of the ‘First Responders Children’s Foundation’ (FRCF) at the PGA Tour The Sentry, which opens in Hawaii, USA on the 5th (Korean time).

Cantlay received criticism for not wearing a hat with the U.S. team logo at the Ryder Cup held in Italy last October.The Ryder Cup does not provide prize money to players, leading to speculation that Cantlay did not wear a hat in protest.Coincidentally, after this incident, Goldman Sachs did not renew its sponsorship contract with Cantlay. Cantlay, who was competing for the first time since the Ryder Cup, explained that he wore the hat to help the children of emergency medical workers who suffered from the forest fire that occurred in Hawaii in August last year.“It’s so important to support first responders, their families and the communities they serve,” Cantlay said. “Please highlight the contributions of first responders and listen to the challenges their children and families face.”Cantlay decided to create 토토사이트 a scholarship program to sponsor children of emergency workers for four years.

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