Sancho explodes with happiness after returning to pro-team BVB

Jadon Sancho hasn’t hidden his happiness since returning to his parent team.

“Jadon Sancho’s behavior on his first day back at Borussia Dortmund has left fans thinking he hates Manchester United,” reports the British publication The Daily Star.

Sancho returned to Dortmund on loan after a long-running feud with manager Louis van Gaal. The feud came to a head in September when Sancho was left out of the squad against Arsenal.

At the time, Van Gaal said, “Sancho hasn’t been performing well in training. He has to reach the level of United in training. Then he can play, but he didn’t, and that’s why he was left out of this game.”

Things escalated when Sancho retorted. He took to social media to say, “Please don’t believe what you read! I’m not going to let people say things that aren’t true. I trained well this week,” adding, “I believe there are other reasons not to go into this issue. I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time. This is unfair.”

After the publicized feud, the two spoke, but nothing changed. “Jadon Sancho failed to resolve his issues after meeting with Van Gaal,” the Daily Star reported. He is expected to leave the club in January.”

Sancho was subsequently banned from the club’s first-team facilities, in addition to being suspended. He has reportedly been training with academy players.

United had no intention of keeping a player they weren’t going to play. Sancho had no other option but to leave the team. Fortunately, Dortmund, Juventus, Tottenham, and others were interested.

Dortmund were particularly active. Sancho was one of the best wingers in the German Bundesliga during his time at Dortmund. He joined the club in the 2017/18 season from Manchester City’s youth team. In his first season with the club, he struggled to make an impact due to his inexperience and lack of skill.

The following year, his talent shone through. In 2018/19, he led the Bundesliga in assists with 18. In 2019/20, he had his best season yet. In one season, he scored 20 goals and provided 20 assists in 44 games. Dortmund finished at the top of the DFB-Pokal.

In the end, Sancho returned to Dortmund. A loan move, not an outright transfer Originally, United preferred a full transfer. They didn”t want a player who had already caused problems for the team to come back.

The reason for the loan transfer is the weekly wage. According to the Mirror, Sancho earned a weekly wage of £250,000 ($419 million) at United. That’s a lot of money for Dortmund to commit to in the long run. Sancho will return to United at the end of the season.

Nevertheless, Sancho could not hide his joy. “When I walked into the locker room, I felt like I was home. I know the club well. I’ve always been close to the fans, and I’ve kept in touch with the club officials. I can’t wait to meet my teammates, get out on the pitch and play soccer with a smile on my face. I want to score goals and help us qualify for the Champions League.”

Dortmund posted several videos on social media after the official announcement of Sancho’s signing. Sancho was given a tour of the club’s training facilities and locker room. Afterward, he said hello to Marco Reus. Royce showed his intimacy by kicking Sancho in the butt with his foot.

Sancho’s first training photos were also released. He was smiling with his teammate Ian Mattsen on his back. He had a big smile on his face.

Meanwhile, a shocking prediction was made. “I think Sancho will outlast Van Gaal at United,” Sutton, who works as a football pundit for the BBC, told a podcast.

He added of Sancho: “We have a talented young player who thinks he is bigger than the club. What he did on social media was ridiculous. It was pathetic. Sancho behaved horribly.”

Sutton discussed the position of Van Gaal: “It’s over, but Sancho will be back at United. If Van Gaal keeps doing what he’s doing, I think he’ll leave at the end of the season.”

United is in eighth place in the English Premier League (PL) this season with 10 wins, one draw, and nine losses. In the UEFA Champions League (UCL), they finished last in their group with one win, one draw, and one loss.


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