Outsiders’ perspectives and judgments will inevitably be decisive in distinguishing between a ‘fun city’ and a ‘no-fun city.’However, the pride and satisfaction of members living in the community are also as important as any other standard.In order to overcome a no-fun city, citizens must first be able to enjoy a pleasant daily life and resolutely deny the ‘no-fun label’ attached to their town. Ulsan City is trying to find the starting point in ‘expanding opportunities to enjoy sports.’First, it was decided to build two large park golf courses to encourage sports that all citizens can enjoy easily and comfortably, regardless of age or gender.In addition, the sports base will be expanded by increasing the use of sports facilities where there is a lot of time to play throughout the year.A youth hostel will be built in the outfield of Munsu Baseball Stadium where student athletes can stay as a group, and an indoor tennis court will be built at Munsu Tennis Stadium so that players can enjoy games regardless of the weather. Ulsan City’s overseas mission, led by Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom, visited Japan, an advanced country in lifestyle sports, in November last year and inspected various sports facilities. Among them, it focused on examining the status of several park golf course facilities and operational know-how.Fukuoka City’s ‘Tsukiguma Park Golf Course’, which utilizes topographical features such as hills and trees rather than open flat land, and Kumamoto City’s ‘Acorn Forest Park Golf Course’, which manages grass in an eco-friendly manner using compost from poultry farms, known as the birthplace of park golf Abashiri City’s ‘Tentorando Park Golf Course’, built on a sloping terrain in the mountains of Hokkaido, was a representative benchmarking target.Each facility has its own uniqueness, reflecting regional characteristics and operational know-how.In particular, there was a clear contrast with domestic park golf courses that were created uniformly.Above all, the perception of the sport of park golf and its facilities was different from ours.

Unlike in Korea, where it is considered the exclusive preserve of members of certain organizations or the elderly, in Japan it has established itself as a sport that children can enjoy without pressure with their father, mother, grandfather, and grandmother.Accordingly, the city decided to build two of the nation’s best park golf courses in Ulsan by incorporating the advantages of park golf courses found in Japan.First, a ‘park golf course in a garden’ will be created in the buffer green space (about 222,000 m2) of the Samsan and Yeocheon landfill sites in Nam-gu, for which land ownership has recently been secured.The plan is to build a 36-hole facility on approximately 70,000 m2 by the end of 2025, and then use it as an event venue for the International Garden Expo, which is scheduled to be held in 2028.The city plans to design the course to be long, with a total distance of around 2,000 meters, and to build it on a large scale that is difficult to find in Korea.In particular, it is differentiated from other facilities by including a large number of convenient facilities such as a clubhouse where you can shower or have a snack, and a park golf practice range.The city is also promoting the creation of a park golf course within the Gangdong Tourist Complex in Buk-gu.The city plans to have 27 to 36 holes in an area of ​​about 110,000 m2.The plan is to make the most of the natural environment, including green space and slopes, but to build it in a luxurious way that is comparable to an ordinary golf course.We are also considering installing lighting facilities and operating them at night.The city has set a goal of completing construction in 2026 after going through necessary procedures, such as changing the tourist complex development plan.Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom said, “Because it is a sport that can be enjoyed by three generations, from grandfather to grandson, we expect that opportunities for citizens to enjoy the sport will increase significantly.” He added, “By creating the best facility in name and reality, Ulsan will set a new 카지노사이트킹 standard for park golf course facilities.” He said.

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