“$300 million is not accurate”

How much will the value of Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25) soar? There is news that the $300 million mentioned recently in the U.S. is incorrect information.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan said on the 19th (Korean time), “A source told ESPN that all the alleged $300M bids for Yoshinobu Yamamoto — that’s inaccurate.

Teams negotiating with Yamamoto have been asked not to discuss terms yet.” But that will change once bidding, which is expected to begin today, begins.

Now the deal for Yamamoto’s free agent contract begins.”

Major league big market clubs are competing to recruit Yamamoto. 카지노사이트

The New York Yankees, New York Mets, LA Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and Toronto Blue Jays are also being mentioned.

It is reported that Yamamoto’s price has soared to $300 million due to fierce competition.

Jim Bowden, a former major league general manager and columnist for ‘The Athletic,’ recently said, “San Francisco and Boston have been strongly wanting Yamamoto recently.

According to sources, both clubs offered contracts worth more than $300 million. John Heyman of the New York Post said,

Yamamoto’s original estimate was $200 million. In addition to the Mets and Yankees, the Dodgers, San Francisco, Cubs, Philadelphia, and Arizona have been linked to Yamamoto.

There are rumors that the New York Mets and San Francisco may have a chance.

However, the Yankees also believe they can recruit Yamamoto. It was reported that the posting cost is expected to be $300 million. 

However, Jeff Passan said that the $300 million figure was an inaccurate rumor. The New York Yankees, Mets, and Dodgers are actively courting Yamamoto.

Japanese media ‘Cunichi Sports’ reported, “The Yankees had their second meeting with Yamamoto in New York on the 18th.

Local broadcaster SNY reported that Yankees senior executives are gaining favor.

A high-ranking Yankees official who completed the second meeting with Yamamoto said that he was surrounded by “cautious optimism” about recruiting Yamamoto. 안전놀이터

On the 11th, Yankees owner Steinbrenner and general manager Cashman flew from New York to Los Angeles and had their first meeting with Yamamoto.

Within a week, Yamamoto was invited to New York for his second meeting.

The Mets’ movements are also active. Mets owner Cohen, who boasts a net worth of $19.8 billion, visited Japan in person in early December to persuade Yamamoto.

Additionally, team owner Cohen invited Yamamoto and others to his home on the 16th and treated them to dinner.

The Mets are also at the forefront of the competition to recruit Yamamoto due to the team owner’s active will.

San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, and Toronto have already had one meeting with Yamamoto. The Dodgers

who recruited Shohei Ohtani, are actively recruiting Yamamoto by putting Ohtani forward.

At the meeting with Yamamoto, the three MVPs, including Ohtani, Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman, all showed up and made appeals.

Yamamoto won four awards (multiple wins, earned run average, strikeouts, winning percentage) for three consecutive years and MVP for three consecutive years in the Pacific League.

He had 70 wins, 29 losses, and a 1.82 earned run average in 172 career games (897 innings) for the Orix Buffaloes.

In 2021, he recorded 18 wins, 5 losses, 1.39 ERA, and 206 strikeouts in 26 games (193 ⅔ innings), becoming the first pitcher to win four awards and even winning the first Pacific League MVP.

Last year, he played well in 26 games (193 innings) with 15 wins, 5 losses, an ERA of 1.68, and 205 strikeouts.

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This year, he showed off his health with 16 wins, 6 losses, an ERA of 1.23, and 169 strikeouts in 23 games (164 innings). 4 for the third consecutive year.

The crown winner established the first major record in Japanese professional baseball.

He left great records, including winning the Sawamura Award for three consecutive years and winning the league MVP three times in a row.

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