The launch of the ScreenGolf League (TGL), spearheaded by golf stars Tiger Woods (USA) and Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), has been postponed until 2025.Reuters and the Associated Press reported on Jan. 21 (KST) that “the TGL, which was scheduled to launch on Jan. 9 next year, has been postponed to 2025 due to the recent collapse of the stadium’s dome roof .”The TGL, which will feature the world’s golf stars, was scheduled to open at the SoFi Centr in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA. However, on April 16, the roof of the inflatable SoFi Center collapsed due to a power outage .”We’re disappointed that it’s been postponed, but we’re going to regroup, refocus and come back,” said McIlroy, who 토토 spearheaded the TGL alongside Woods.

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