‘Cambodia Express’ Throng Piavi succeeded in advancing to the LPBA round of 32 with his powerful attack power.

In the round of 64 match on the second day of the ‘SY LPBA Championship

held at ‘Goyang KINTEX PBA Stadium’ in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 31st

Slong completed 25 runs in 11 innings against Park Soo-hyang and won 25:6

ranking first in the round of 64 and advancing to the round of 32. climbed to

After taking a 4-0 lead by connecting the opponent’s failure to score on the first pitch of the game with 4 runs

Slong performed poorly by hitting a ball for 3 consecutive innings, but showed off his powerful offense by scoring 4 runs in the 5th inning. 

He scored a whopping 21 runs in 6 innings, including 4 runs in 5 innings

and finished the game with a score of 25:6 in just 11 innings.

The average is a whopping 2.273. This is the overall 1st place score in the round of 64. After getting off to a good start in the first match of the tournament

Srong aims to advance to the round of 16 against Choi Yeon-joo in the round of 32.

In other matches, ‘Billiard Queen’ Kim Ga-young (Hana Card) won 25:11 (23 innings) against Ryu Ji-won

Lim Jeong-sook (Crown Haitai) won against Park Ji-won, and Kang Ji-eun (SK Rent-a-car) won against Lee Ha-ni and won 32. I got my river ticket. 온라인섯다

Se-yeon Kim (Huons), Bomi Kim (NH Nonghyup Card), and Mi-rae Lee (High1 Resort) also won and advanced to the upper round. 

Super rookie’ Jang Ga-yeon (Huons) also got off to a good start by beating Kim Min-young (Blue One Resort).

On the other hand, Ji-eun Han (SY) finished the match with

Japanese 3-cushion powerhouse’ Ayako Sakai (Hana Card) in 23:23 over 50 minutes.

 As a result of the high-run match, which is compared in case of a tie

Sakai ended up with 4 points and Han Ji-eun with 3 points after the second high-run comparison.

‘LPBA Champs’ Kim Ye-eun and Higashiuchi Natsumi (Japan, Welcome Savings Bank) also suffered

losing to Kim Jeong-ae and Jeon Eoram, respectively. 

Monster Rookie’ Kwon Bal-hae and Jeon Ae-rin were eliminated in the round of 64 after losing to Hida Orie (Japan, SK Rent-a-car) and Min Jeong-hee.

While the women’s LPBA has been condensed to the round of 32, the competition will begin with the opening ceremony at 2:30 pm on the 2nd after a rest day on the 1st

with the round of 32 (from 3 pm) and the round of 16 (from 7:30 pm).

Enter into.

The quarterfinals (2 p.m.) will be held on the 3rd, and the semifinals and finals (9 p.m.) will be held on the 4th with a prize money of 30 million won.

The PBA tour will continue from the 5th with a prize of 100 million won.

The round of 128 will be held for two days starting on the 5th, and the competition will begin in earnest starting with the opening ceremony at 3pm on the 7th. The finals will be held at 9pm on the 11th.

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