Heo Yun-seo (17, Apgujeong-go) of South Korea has earned a World Championships best sixth place finish in artistic swimming.

Heo scored 186.6167 points to finish sixth in the Artistic Swimming Solo Free Final at the 2023 World Championships at Fukuoka Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall in Fukuoka, Japan, on Monday.

In the final, she performed the theme of freedom to the OST of the Russian film Mathilde, earning an artistic score of 82.8000 and a performance score of 103.8167.

Heo, who placed fourth out of 29 swimmers in the preliminaries on Sept. 17 to qualify for the 12-swimmer final, failed to win a medal, but made Korean artistic history.

Previously, Korea’s best result at a World Championships was an eighth-place finish in the team event at Perth, Australia, in 1998.

In the solo events, Lee Ri-young (Busan Swimming Federation), who competed in the solo technical in Fukuoka, and Choi Yoo-jin (Perth, Australia) finished ninth in 1998.

Since the 2007 World Championships, artistic swimming has 토토 split its solo events into two categories: technical and free.

However, some analysts believe that the absence of Russian swimmers, the strongest nation in artistic swimming, due to the invasion of Ukraine, may have affected Heo’s chances of reaching the final.

Nevertheless, it is positive to see the future of Korean artistic swimming as it writes new history.

Meanwhile, Heo Yoon-seo will conclude the competition with a gala show on the 22nd.

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