For the purpose of running eight gaming tables in Dara Sakor, Century Entertainment has inked a new five-year contract.

Cambodia. Century Entertainment International Holdings, based in Hong Kong, has agreed to a new, five-year contract to run eight gaming tables in Dara Sakor, Koh Kong. Through an agreement with Lion King Entertainment, it relocated its gaming operations from Sihanoukville to the north during the outbreak.

The new gaming tables will be located in the casino’s mass market area by Century Entertainment. The business will keep 100% of any gains generated by the house and will bear 100% of any losses. It will pay for the salaries of the personnel and the taxes owed on the tables.

The corporation will be in charge of confirming player identities, logging bets, monitoring income, preserving player and junket records, and reporting suspicious abnormalities. Only cash will be accepted at the new gambling tables. The majority of clients are likely to be Chinese.

The value of the new deal, which is HK$58m (US$7.39m), is offset by the CEO of Century’s stake in Lion King, which is worth the same amount. The casino finally opened its doors in November 2021, but Covid-19 countermeasures delayed the opening.

The worth of the tables was appraised at HK$63.6m (US$8.11m) as of September 30, 2022, indicating that the current deal implies a discount of almost 8.8% to the preliminary estimate.

The gaming sections take roughly 7,000 square meters of the casino’s total 10,500 square meters in size. It contains 50 electronic gaming machines, 25 VIP tables, 20 mass gaming tables with baccarat (including the new tables), poker, blackjack, and sic bo, as well as a Chinese restaurant. The casino and gaming license are under lease by Century Entertainment until April 2036, 토토사이트 and the company aims to cooperate with the lessee to swiftly renew the gaming license each year.

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